The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 1.

Phone companies are no longer spending heavily on entertainment stars, this form of promotion has expired?

Selling phones in Vietnam once used to associate the image of entertainment stars

Son Tung phone is a familiar name of many fans for OPPO brand. The name of Son Tung MTP has never been hot and the investment strategy of Chinese mobile phone marketing has created an exemplary success when looking at both media and sales.

Now referring to Son Tung people are easy to think about OPPO and vice versa. The increasingly powerful fan base of this talented singer brings huge advantages to OPPO and the fact that "Sky" is not only a loyal user of this brand from China.

In terms of sales, the Son Tung MTP as the brand ambassador for OPPO F1s has created an explosion in our mobile market in 2016. Although it was launched in August, it only takes a few short months of the year to suffice. Helping this product win the best-selling phone in Vietnam that year. Even more impressive is that OPPO has become the No. 2 smartphone company since its inception three years ago, surpassing the name Nokia which is only a "relic" in Microsoft hands. In 2018, the scenario repeated with the king's turnover of OPPO F9.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 2.

Only 3 short years with the communication strategy associated with the name of Son Tung MTP, OPPO quickly took the second position from former King Nokia – Microsoft in Vietnam. Source: Cafebiz

Not only Son Tung, well-known names in Showbiz such as Ho Ngoc Ha, Toc Tien, Noo Phuoc Thinh and Chi Pu also participated in OPPO's promotional programs. "Song swords match" with the sales strategy is equally strong to install white-green background signs throughout the small phone shops, the name of OPPO covered from urban to rural, from the internet to The road to go home every day.

In addition to OPPO, Samsung is also a hard-working company to invest in a popular media strategy (KOL). Remember supermodel Thanh Hang is the brand ambassador of Galaxy S6 to Galaxy S9. Or the Issac cult name that is "chosen to send gold" with the 2016 Galaxy J7 Prime key product has created an interesting counterbalance before the OPPO F1s of Son Tung. However, it may be because the opponent is 1.5 months behind so despite selling very well, but Galaxy J7 Prime has to stand at the second place.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 3.

Actors and supermodel Thanh Hang are the face of Samsung's Galaxy S line for many years

Khác Other names like Soobin Hoang Son, Ngo Thanh Van, Tuan Hung, Le Hieu, … also often stick with the advertising strategy of the world's No. 1 smartphone company as well as in Vietnam.

2019 & the fame of celebrities in the communications strategy of phone companies

We see this coming from the main products of the companies. Son Tung MTP is still attached to OPPO but not as exciting as before. Every time OPPO launches a new mid-range phone, users and Sky are used to TVC advertising with the appearance of Thai Binh singer, this year in the F11 / F11 duo Pro it doesn't happen half. At the launch event, his appearance is also flashy and entertaining similar to Huong Giang Idol or Black Voi singer, nothing special compared to the title of brand ambassador people often think. The link between him and OPPO's 2019 mid-range duo users is most noticeable, perhaps the image on the product appears on its website and sales pages.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 4.

No more frantic communication like previous product models, the image of Son Tung MTP appearing on OPPO F11 Pro like this is enough to contribute to the success of this product. Source: OPPO

Nhất Latest when OPPO introduced the Reno / Reno 10X duo of high-end and high-end segment, no one in the entertainment industry was called up to be the brand ambassador for the new product line but according to the label. called this "breakthrough". Even during the recent product launch event in Vietnam, there are no any Grade A artists presenting and entertaining entertainment showing a change in the carrier's communication strategy. this.

Samsung at the moment doesn't have any brand ambassadors associated with their smartphones. Supermodel, actor Thanh Hang still accompanies the Korean brand but her role is not as deep as before. Instead, she and Vietnamese familiar stars such as Tuan Hung, Duc Phuc, Quang Vinh, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, … only appeared in the short-term campaigns like the recent Galaxy S10 Color Point movement.

The recent release of the Galaxy S10 + Park Hang-Seo is also the same time. The Korean strategist is the ambassador of Samsung Vietnam brand from 03/2018, spread across many business areas of the company, not dedicated mobile or a smartphone line.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 5.

Huawei after the time of inviting My Tam, Soobin Hoang Son, Rocker Nguyen and the latest is choosing Chi Pu as the brand ambassador for Nova 3i main product line, all communication activities are associated with a well-known celebrity. yes No one of its products from high school to high-end in 2019 has the parallel of the singer "Brother stay" or any other name. Especially after the US government's ban on China No. 1 technology corporation and information causing confusion for users, Huawei Vietnam became strangely tight-lipped.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 6.

Just last year, Huawei was still bustling with its brand ambassador, Chi Pu, who was strangely anonymous this year

Nhất The only bright spot between the phone company story & KOL is the fact that singer Isaac officially became the Realme brand ambassador in Vietnam. Unlike Vivo or OnePlus, which is the parent company of BBK with OPPO, Realme is the trademark of the No. 2 smartphone company in Vietnam, targeting the middle and high-end segment.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 7.

 The strategy of using celebrities to regress because it is no longer appropriate?

According to the latest data from GfK market research firm, the first 4 months of 2019 saw the dominant dominance of Samsung and OPPO. These two names in terms of the market share of semi-genuine products outstripped rivals standing behind are Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 8.

ÉtIn the perspective of communication, advertising strategy associated with celebrities is most effective at the construction stage, reinforcing brand image in consumers' hearts, purpose of polishing names and finally increase sales. In the current position of Samsung and OPPO, celebrity communication is still effective but not key. It is understandable that the two big boys "play" gradually reduce their attachment to KOL.

OPPO now wants to raise its brand to the fact that the "Realme" brand is part of the plan. The company also aims to finance major, international events. OPPO vice president and chairman of OPPO's business division in China – Shen Yi said the partnership with Wimbledon is part of a global strategy, based on the internationalization and operation of the company's brand, helping enhance the influence and strength of OPPO's brand power on a global scale.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 9.

The main sponsor for the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world is a step towards enhancing the brand image and reaching out to OPPO's more advanced customers.

At the present time, the Realme case is a good example of a communication strategy associated with celebrities. The first factor is that the company just joined Vietnam last year, the right job now is to increase brand coverage.

The second important factor is also the financial potential. The money-making model of communication, cooperating with OPPO's A-class star not only in Vietnam but also many other parts of the world is clearly the ideal model for Realme to do the same. Especially when the company is succeeding in India, the world's second-largest smartphone market with OPPO parent company has enough back to be a springboard for this new name to advance in new markets like Vietnam.

Xiaomi and Apple from the beginning did not follow a strong promotion in Vietnam, while Huawei seemed to be building new directions for the upcoming Android days. The remaining names, either not interested in our country's market or financial potential, do not allow to invite A-class stars, then spend money on gold hour waves to advertise, make PR, sponsor programs hot … to maximize the influence of KOL. However this is not all problem.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 10.

Except for the names mentioned, the rest of the names you think are not salty or not enough in the game of celebrity communication?

The smartphone market is saturated, the product is the most concentrated thing

IDC statistics, 2018 world smartphone market grew negatively 3% compared to 2017. Vietnam is not out of the fact that it is covered. GfK announced the first quarter of 2019 data showing that domestic phone consumption dropped by 7.5% compared to the same period last year. Actually, this is not too surprising when even the most technology lovers are smooth with phrases like "saturated", "boring" when talking about smartphones at the present time.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 11.

The first quarter of 2019 recorded a deep decline in the Vietnamese mobile market, showing signs of users being no longer interested in upgrading even though the companies made strong communication efforts. Source: GfK

Phone companies know more about this and are focusing on product improvement. A smartphone that is "good at all" is no longer a solid fulcrum for selling. It even unintentionally leads to a situation that no manufacturer wants: the phone upgrade cycle of users lasts more than 2 years and is increasing (according to research by BayStreet Research in 2018).

Users are using new phones because the ones they use are still good while new products have become more and more lacking in the unique and unique to deserve the money. Creating good products is now only a necessary condition, it must possess a new, unique one that is enough to convince the gods to bear the purse.

In fact, from the beginning of the year, the phone market does not seem to follow a predetermined scenario. Apple is no longer an avid inspirator when only the new iPhone trio keeps the rabbit ear screen design. Samsung launched Galaxy S10 with Infinity-O screen with selfie camera set inside Super AMOLED panels. The company is also boldly offering a high-end Galaxy A80 smartphone with a rotating camera design that does not touch. Galaxy Fold promises to open the era of folding phones, but the technical problem still cannot make them appear officially on the market.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 12.

Apple's iPhone from the position of inspiring the world of rabbit ears design is now a horse among various Android products in new designs.

Equally aggressive is the phone companies from the most populous country in the world. No need to learn design from Apple or Samsung, they show that they can also create and offer new products that make others admire. OPPO refreshes itself with the OPPO F11 Pro model, which has a selfie slide camera cluster and the overall design of the company confidently puts "Designed by OPPO" on the back. Recently, it launched the OPPO Reno / Reno 10X duo equipped with a fancy shark fin camera. Xiaomi is also quick to launch the duo K20 / K20 Pro with the camera sticking out and the cool back pattern. Huawei in addition to the P30 Pro model has the world's biggest DxOMark score and 50X optical zoom capability, there is also a Mate X model that challenges Samsung's representative in the race of folding screen smartphones.

The entertainment stars gradually absent in Vietnamese smartphone advertising, why? - Photo 13.

In the general segment, equipment / cost factor is still used to highlight the product. Xiaomi has Redmi Note 7, "the devastating saint" Realme is preparing to release the Snapdragon 710-equipped Realme 3 Pro for just over 5 million compared to OPPO's 13 million numbers.

Another equipment trend that is also on the throne is to equip more than 2 rear cameras for phones. New iPhone last year will also have 3 rear cameras as many current Android smartphones or Galaxy Note 10 models predict up to 4 rear cameras.

It is too early to say that product innovation and innovation efforts from smartphone companies will make the global mobile segment grow as strongly as many years ago. But at least they realized the core problem to solve. In this context, celebrity-based communication strategy is not obsolete, it simply needs to be used "at the right time".

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