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Phone Arena: Apple will continue to dominate the smartwatch market until at least 2023

A market research firm said Apple Watch has the largest market share in smart watches and it will continue to lead at least until 2023.

According to Phone Arena, the latest report from market research firm IDC said Apple will take a 25.9% share of the 131.6 million smartwatch sold in 2023, although it slipped significantly from the estimated market share. calculated the latest 35.8% of the company.

That is mainly because many smartwatches are expected to ship worldwide in the next few years compared to the current. Specifically, the figure of 131.6 million smartwatch sold above increased from 91.8 million smartwatch in 2019, marking the annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4%.

In particular, another product of the "wearable equipment" industry is expected to grow at an even faster rate. That's the ear-wear device like Apple AirPods, Galaxy Buds, …. It is expected that 105 million smart headphones will be sold globally in 2023, up from 72 million this year, accounting for 34.8% of the wearable device market, up from 32.3%.

Wearable-market-forecast-1 Phone Arena: Apple will continue to dominate the smartwatch market until at least 2023

And yet, according to IDC's report, more than half smartwatch will support independent mobile connection in 2023 to get rid of smartphones, while ear-wear devices focus more on allowing consumers to "listen well." more ”and other similar life improvement cases, not merely tracking health information and interacting with a voice assistant.

It seems that bracelet sales have plummeted, with 54.2 million units this year. It is expected to increase to 55 million by 2023. Sales are particularly down in North America and Western Europe, where most bracelet owners are able to upgrade to smartwatch.

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Article source: Phone Arena


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