Phoenix Satellite TV and 36氪 have reached a strategic cooperation to carry out in-depth linkages in content, resources, and brands_detailed interpretation_news_hot events_36氪
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Phoenix Satellite TV and 36氪 have reached a strategic cooperation to carry out in-depth linkages in content, resources, and brands_detailed interpretation_news_hot events_36氪

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On August 25th, 36Kr held the WISE2020 Super Evolver Conference in Shanghai, inviting industry leaders, star entrepreneurs, top investors, and professional consulting institutions to discuss how companies can break through under the influence of the epidemic and how startups can grasp new technologies The new dividends after landing were shared. At the event site, 36Kr also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Phoenix Satellite TV. In the future, the two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in business opportunities, industrial resources, content production, and brand empowerment.

On the basis of this strategic cooperation, the two parties will give full play to their comprehensive influence in their respective fields, and conduct in-depth explorations in terms of high-quality content production capacity, IP column creation, and local government resource docking. Based on in-depth industry insights and global content influence, create a fast iterative content production cooperation model and star business interpretation column, open up resource flow channels, accurately match the needs of different institutions, and help different entities in branding, financing, marketing, and social responsibility. In many ways, get opportunities for rapid growth.

Phoenix Satellite TV and 36Kr reached a strategic cooperation

Phoenix Satellite TV is one of the most influential organizations in the global Chinese-language media. Since its establishment for more than 20 years, it not only retains high-quality content, but also iterates and evolves with the information wave from the Internet to integrated media. Gao Yan, vice president of program operations of Phoenix Satellite TV and executive director of Chinese Channel, said that 36Kr and Phoenix Satellite TV’s brand philosophy and development philosophy are highly compatible, and both parties hope to build a platform together to serve more “super evolutionaries”.

36Kr is the leading new economy service platform in China. Since its establishment 10 years ago, it has always been committed to empowering the development of new economy enterprises and accompany entrepreneurs to grow up. Zhou Weiwei, vice president of 36Kr, said, “Phoenix Satellite TV’s Slogan is to influence influential people, and 36Kr is to let some people see the future first. We hope that the cooperation between the two parties can be strong and can influence influential people. Drive more people to move ahead and see the future.”

Phoenix Satellite TV and 36Kr will cooperate in content, resources, brand, etc.

On the basis of timely and full coverage of global news, Phoenix Satellite TV has accumulated a wealth of local government and large corporate resources. Based on content and channel advantages, it has a greater level of resource linkage, brand public relations, and planning consulting services for enterprises. rich experience. Gao Yan said that Phoenix Satellite TV has always embraced market changes with an open mind, and is transforming from a traditional media company in the past to an all-media group with content operation as the core, cross-industry integration as the foundation, and investment incubation as the strategy.

Gao Yan especially introduced the Phoenix Innovation Industry Alliance, which is jointly initiated by influential investment institutions, commercial banks, industry associations and academic institutions to build an incubation and strategic service platform for SMEs. To this end, Phoenix Satellite TV has also opened a new column “Road to the Peak”. “Road to the Peak” is a comprehensive column that combines “Boss Brand Talk Show + Brand Social Survey + Multi-faceted Expert Discussion and Interaction”. Focusing on a company in the future, integrating top experts and corporate executives in the industry to talk about the road to success.

“Road to the Peak” is a pioneering project between Phoenix Satellite TV and 36氪 in the IP column cooperation. 36氪 Assistant President Ma Jinnan has participated in the program recording as a regular guest, based on 36氪’s long-term tracking of the venture capital market and different industries The anticipation of development opportunities and the output of industry views from the perspective of industry observers, 36Kr Research Institute is also providing exclusive industry big data and research support for the column.

36氪 Assistant President Ma Jinnan participated in the recording of “Road to the Peak”

36 Krypton is also making efforts in audio and video columns, with the help of technology empowerment to provide users with a better information service experience. Phoenix Satellite TV has long-term experience in the production of video programs, and innovation in the commercial field has always been an important part of its content support. Based on the “Road to the Peak” column, based on the depth and breadth of the content, both parties are creating premium commercial content columns. There will also be more room for in-depth cooperation.

In the future, the two parties will further land at the WISE City City Investment Promotion Conference. “WISE” is the star IP of 36Kr in the new economic field. Local governments are also important resources accumulated by both parties for a long time. Zhou Weiwei stated that as local governments continue to increase their support for innovative enterprises, Phoenix Satellite TV and 36Kr will give full play to their respective advantages in resources and influence, aiming at national 5G and new infrastructure policies, integrating resources of both parties, and working together Launch the WISE City series of activities to go to more places, combine the characteristics of local industries, provide customized solutions for local industries, help local governments introduce high-quality industrial assets, and help start-up companies through expert surveys, summit forums, and investment promotion. Enjoy the local support package.


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