Philips screen accompanies Spider-Man film in Vietnam

Philips screen accompanies Spider-Man film in Vietnam

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Philips screen, the leading brand in the field of monitors, cooperating with Sony Studio in the launch event Spider-Man: Far From Home in Viet Nam.

Accompanying the partnership with Sony for the launch event Spider-Man: Far From Home In Vietnam, Philips has launched a new series of monitors in the high-end M-Line and E-Line product lines, with useful features to enhance the experience, bringing a new feel to gamers. and users need high accuracy color.

M-Line products: 328M6FJMB (32 "curved) and 278M6QJEB (27" curved) will be the right choice for speedy gamers thanks to the high scanning frequency up to 144Hz.

In addition, M-Line products incorporate AMD FreeSync to synchronize the scan frequency of the monitor to the GPU frame rate in real time to eliminate jerking, tearing and smooth playback. but.

The advanced Ambiglow feature is also integrated on the M-Line product line, allowing the LED system to be adjusted on a synchronized screen frame and screen projection image.

The two 328M6FJMB and 278M6QJEB products are backed by a genuine 3 year warranty, priced at VND10,990,000 and VND 6,990,000 respectively.

Also in the high-end segment, the E-Line products will definitely be the ideal choice for users who need high-precision colors, including: 248E9QHSB (24 "curved) and 278E9QJAB (27" curved).

With Ultra Wide-Color technology, two Philips screen This has wide color range, giving a natural, brilliant and vivid color.

Two screens 248E9QHSB and 278E9QJAB have reference prices of 3,290,000 VND and 5,490,000 VND.

In addition, Philips also offers discounts for consumers when purchasing products in the program to receive Philips eye-catching movie or USB vouchers worth VND 200,000.

The program applies to the E-Line and M-Line product lines of 24 ”or more, which lasts until the end of July 31, 2019 (The program will end sooner if the gift runs out).

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