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Philips Hue: Parallel bulbs with both Apple HomeKit and Google Home, Starter Kit prices are only 1.4 million

Philips Hue is a Philips light line, they have been around for a long time but now I have the opportunity to use and the most exciting thing is that I can use Philips Hue with both of the big current smarthome ecosystems: Apple HomeKit and Google Home. You can use the Google Home or Google Assistant app to turn off the Hue light, then turn it on with the Home app on your iPhone or Mac computer. So good!

I play this Philips Hue Starter Kit for $ 1.45 million (link to buy for you), it includes 2 white and yellow Hue lamps and 1 central Philips Hue Bridge. In my opinion, this price is quite good because only the Bridge Department has already 1 million already. Please note that in addition to the Starter Kit with Yellow white light bulb In addition, Philips has another set of Starter Kit to use color change shadow, this kit is much more expensive. I think that to start playing smarthome, the Philips Hue Starter Kit with yellow and white lights will be more reasonable.

A difference of this Philips Hue shade compared to the Xiaomi bulbs that our brothers used to play is that it needs one more center, but Xiaomi or Yeelight ball is not needed. The reason is that Philips bulbs use a Zigbee connection, which is a close-range connection, and the bulb must have ZigBee communication with the central hub for receiving control commands. Meanwhile, Xiaomi and Yeelight balls use Wi-Fi so the bulb itself can go to the network and receive control commands already.

An extra accessory you have to pay extra, but in return ZigBee allows more devices to be connected with greater stability, and the later Philips Hue balls you buy will not need to buy Hue Bridge yet Stable running (1 Hue Bridge supports up to 50 lights). ZigBee is also a patented connection for IoT and smarthome devices, so it also saves more battery power and works more efficiently when the number of devices increases.

The Philips Hue shadow setup is very easy, you just need to plug the Hue Bridge into the router's LAN wire (without Wi-Fi), press a button on the bridge and press a few buttons on the app to finish. You don't have to turn off the power to turn off the power as when setting up Xiaomi's W-Fi light bulb, there's no need to re-enter the Wi-Fi password at all. If you like simplicity, this Philips Hue kit is great.

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Some remote control features, bulb color, timer, context setting to automatically turn on the light … are no different than today's smarthome bulbs. The important thing is that Philips Hue ball can be used with Apple HomeKit, can be used with Google Home, also play Amazon Alexa, Nest and even Samsung SmartThings. I have never seen a smart light that is compatible with so many smarthome ecosystems, well, appreciate !!!

At first I thought that using Philips Hue with Apple HomeKit would not work with Google Home / Assistant, but I was wrong. You can use it at the same time with many ecosystems, as I play with both HomeKit and Google Home, both of which fully support all the on / off, brightness adjustment features, and they will sync with each other. This one will see the video above.

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Because I support both Apple and Google, when I add Philips Hue shadow to the current house, I have no trouble, I can control it with any device I have in hand, regardless of iPhone, iPad or phone, Android TV, Google Home Mini speaker, Google Nest Hub screen … This is the best thing, but buying it but not playing with the rest of the house is like throwing.

You can do things like: Hey Siri, turn on my bed room light, then tell Google to be Hey Google, turn off my bed room light. Really, very happy : D I have no intention to buy Apple HomePod speakers because the price is too expensive, but I am very happy that I can take advantage of the Google Home Mini speaker to order (Home Mini price is only 700k / piece, can be spread all over the house ).

Let me play with the world of HomeKit, what's good or share it with you?

If you do not know about HomeKit, please refer to basic information, usage, operation, pairing device … in this post.

Duy Luân

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