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Philips Hue announced the 250Mbps speed data transmission – VnReview

Signify, formerly Philips Lightning, Hue's smart lamp manufacturer, announced a series of Li-Fi bulbs capable of transmitting data via the Internet called Truelifi. They can be integrated back into existing Philips bulbs.

According to the The Verge, This new generation light bulb can transfer data to devices like laptops at a maximum speed of 150 Mbps using light waves, instead of using 4G or Wi-Fi radio signals. The product line will include new light bulbs as well as signal receivers used to integrate into existing light bulbs. This technology can also be used to wirelessly connect two fixed points with a maximum data rate of 250 Mbps.

Signify, the world's leading supplier of light bulbs, has previously targeted professional markets such as office buildings and hospitals instead of households, where the company has access to large user groups. much more.

Li-Fi technology has been around for many years – at CES 2018, Oledcomm used to bring some sample devices to operate relatively perfectly – but so far has not been popular. Most Internet-connected devices like laptops and smartphones need an external adapter to receive data via Li-Fi, and even if an adapter is available, the signal can still be blocked if the receiver is in the dark. Signify says you will need to plug in a USB access key to your laptop to receive Li-Fi signals from Truelifi products.

However, Li-Fi's use of light instead of radio signals for data transmission has many advantages. For example, it can be used in areas where radio frequency interference is common, or places like hospitals, because radio waves can interfere with other sensitive devices. Although the Li-Fi signal may be easily blocked, this disadvantage becomes inadvertently a point that security applications can take advantage of, because you will have more control over network coverage. wireless.

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