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Philippines started banning motorbike taxi technology

Angkas motorbike taxi drivers are popular in the Philippines. Photo: Philstar

According to the Philstar Global newspaper, the Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Philippine Ministry of Transport, after conducting the pilot of the motorbike taxi pilot program as a public vehicle, decided to terminate the program without giving it. conclude.

“Those services are all considered illegal,” said Antonio Gardiola Jr. members of the Philippines Road Traffic Management Council responded to reporters on January 20, before participating in a hearing before the Senate Committee on public services. That means that ride-hailing technology services such as Angkas, JoyRide and Move It participating in the pilot program will be considered illegal and must stop working.

Testifying before the senators, Mr. Antonio said the TWG working group had proposed to end the pilot motorbike taxi driver program and Transport Minister Arthur Tugade approved the proposal.

He stated the safety level is one of the top factors when considering the problem and concerns of motorbike drivers about the loss of income is not mentioned.

Senator Grace Poe, chairman of the Public Service Committee of the Philippines Senate, criticized the TWG working group’s conclusions when it failed to produce sufficient convincing data.

“Congress is under pressure to pass legislation but we lack data to draw conclusions as to whether motorbike taxi service is safe for Philippine traffic, President Poe pressing.

Earlier, according to Mr. Antonio, the TWG working group could not collect data because “one of the companies participating in the trial refused to provide”.

The Angkas motorbike taxi service has become a popular technology application because it provides a cheap ride service and is suitable for congested streets in Philippine cities instead of taking taxis or cars.

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