Philippines rules motorbike taxi is illegal

Starting next week, motorbike taxi services such as Angkas, JoyRide and Move It in the Philippines will be considered illegal and must stop working.

Philippines rules motorbike taxi is illegal

CNN quoted Antonio Gardiola Jr of the Philippine Ministry of Transport’s Technical Working Group today (January 20) saying his team stopped working on motorbike taxi as a public transport.

The statement means that there will be no extension of the pilot program that will apply to Angkas and the two new motorcycle taxi companies that have just entered the market, JoyRide and Move It. As such, starting next week, they will not be allowed to serve public transport.

Philippines rules motorbike taxi is illegal

“Every company knows, there are legal provisions that motorcycles are just personal vehicles,” Mr Gardiola said. The official also acknowledged that the study ended without any conclusions being drawn based on the data they gathered.

“One week from now, we will submit a report to the National Assembly and the Transport Commission. One week from now, we will start executing. ”

Earlier, Philippine MPs were strongly criticized by the public because motorbikes for motorbikes are a cheap, faster way than many other vehicles in the capital known for having terrible traffic. this.

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