Pharmacists: they will soon perform medical procedures

Pharmacists: they will soon perform medical procedures

In 2019, the flu vaccination will be effective in all pharmacies and not just in the four test regions. Today, pharmacists can also perform medication reviews for the elderly.

Pharmacists: what everyday ailments can they treat?

The report on access to healthcare which was submitted to the Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, proposes tobroaden the skills of pharmacists allowing them to also treat certain pathologies like the sore throat, the urinary tract infections simple, the seasonal allergies

This will allow make up for the lack of doctors in certain regions and also to prevent these patients from going to the emergency room for pathologies that have no place there.

Common courses for doctors, nurses and pharmacists

Doctors will not necessarily like these new measures. For this, the report proposes two things: first of all toestablish a protocol with local doctors and D’organize joint courses in faculty.

These two proposals will be part of the 2022 health law.

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