Pham Huong constantly shows off her supercar and luxurious life in America

Pham Huong constantly shows off her supercar and luxurious life in America

( Currently, Miss Pham Huong is living with her son in the US. She often shows off her luxurious facilities and super cool car sets that make many people jealous.

Not long ago, Miss Pham Huong posted her first baby image on social networks and admitted she had gone to America to give birth to her first boyfriend. Earlier, more than a year ago, Miss Pham Huong announced to the US to “cure thyroid disease” and denied rumors of going abroad to give birth.

Through the pictures Pham Huong shared on social networking sites, her life in America is quite luxurious with majestic property. Not only living in a beautiful house, Pham Huong also owns an expensive supercar that many people dream of.

Pham Phuong showed off a photo beside the striking blue Huracan LP580-2 Spyder. This is a convertible version of the supercar Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2. Currently in Vietnam there are 2 similar vehicles are being rolled.

On another occasion, Miss Pham Huong posted a picture of the Fisker Karma with a feminine pink exterior. It is not clear what the price of this car in the US market is.

Miss Pham Huong follows the trend of “falling face down” next to the Fisker Karma and expensive brand name items.

This is the super-luxurious silver Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II of Miss Pham Huong in the US.

And yet, Miss Pham Huong did not forget to “take a selfie” with the luxurious blue Bentley Bentayga SUV.


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