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Phalanx of Resistance officially landed on the Steam platform

Phalanx of Resistance, a classic real-time strategy game, officially arrives on the Steam platform.

Independent publishers 70:30 and Scrycoast have announced the launch of a real-time strategy game combining the “goalkeeper” genre. Phalanx of Resistance on the Steam platform.

In this game, players will build and expand their base and at the same time defend the base from stormy attacks by arranging the watchtower and human resources and resources appropriately.

“The gameplay of this game is unique, when you have to exploit and manage resources to expand the base and arrange reasonable gun turrets to prevent enemies.” – quoted developer Dominik Michalke.

This game will have 50 attractive missions with over 30 types of gun turrets, 10 types of houses, 4 types of resources and more than 30 different types of upgrades and countless enemies.

Time Phalanx of Resistance available on Steam for 0.99 USD.



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