[PGO]Ur2 Plus, the first lightweight smart tram, is here, too cute!

Regarding energy conservation and sustainable development as the first priority, creating a vision for the future of PGO electric vehicles

PGO, which has won the Taiwan Excellence Award for 19 consecutive years, today announced the launch of the new Ur2 Plus green brand lightweight smart electric scooter.
Technology and environmental protection are the current trend of electric vehicles, but PGO’s vision is more than that. PGO’s more ambitious ideals and goals are to continue to innovate and advance, to develop exciting, fun-filled and humanized vehicles.

“Coincidentally powerful, not to be underestimated” Ur2 Plus is super eye-catching and charming

Ur2 Plus is PGO’s first PBGN (Powered by Gogoro Network®) green-brand light-weight smart electric scooter. “Technological minimalist style design with a shallow smile raises the intimacy of human nature outside of technology.” It is the R&D design concept that Ur2 Plus has been upholding from scratch.

“Sweetly powerful, not to be underestimated” The appearance is small and exquisite, but in fact it has a lot of connotation. With PGO’s top-notch Scooter original frame design as the core, lightweight and high-strength, it not only greatly improves riding comfort, but also provides a simple and dynamic feeling. The curve creates a dazzling body shape, and the eggshell shape covers the overall frame to cover the wind and rain. It is full of practical performance. It is full of thoughtful and ingenious design in many details. Explore the city street corners and easily control them. Lightweight, stylish, super cute, and attractive and eye-catching, “Ur2 Plus” is definitely the most anticipated and unique smart product this spring!

PGO Ur2 Plus uses the Gogoro Network® smart battery exchange service to exchange batteries and get GO. Gogoro Network® continues to deploy, from supermarkets, parking lots to convenience stores, more than 2000 GoStation® stations are deployed across Taiwan. Now, your daily itinerary can easily pass through the battery exchange stations.

Ur2 Plus smile shines on the spotlight

Have fun! Ur2 Plus has high-spec Class-C LED direct-illumination fisheye headlights, with ultra-clear vision during night riding, and the covered lamp shell is shiny and bright, making it the focus of the audience no matter where you ride.

The direction lights on both sides of the headlights are matched with a smile on the front of the body. The direction lights on both sides light up to echo the high-quality silver U-shaped curve below and prepare to set off, turning into your own smile mount, through the integration of “smile” and “smart tram” , Create a new riding charm, full of cuteness and intimacy, ready to conquer your heart!

Practical skills to open the plug-in Ur2 Plus to easily control new realms

The newly-launched large LCD screen provides unobstructed ride information. It is 38% larger than the screen of the same class. The functional interface is clear and intuitive, making the operation more efficient. In addition, PGO also has exclusive Easter eggs. When the screen is turned on or off, the speed on the meter becomes The eyes (the single-battery version has a limited speed: there will be no hundreds of digits), the dividing line is like a smile, turning at the same time as if you are winking and coquettish, the cute interactive design is super healing, and people don’t want to get out of the car!

QC3.0 USB charging jack, super power to charge boldly, PGO not only considers the short-distance transportation needs, but also has the function of charging anytime, anywhere, so that the rider can easily control the electricity in case of emergency.

The smart card is easily sensed, and the user-friendly sensing position is unlocked super quickly. The thin and light card shape does not take up space and is easy to store. When you step on the mount, you can start a new journey in three seconds.

Safety and control at the same time Ur2 Plus peace of mind GO

Ur2 Plus is equipped with a GH1 aluminum alloy wheel motor, almost quiet sound volume, and stable and powerful power output, coupled with a lightweight vehicle weight, making the riding experience more lightweight and comfortable.

Using the brand new MAXXIS high-performance tires for electric vehicles, the aluminum alloy 10-inch wheels can master every moment of riding control. The solid grip makes it easier to stick to the ground. The strength of the small wheels should not be underestimated.

The front and rear double discs and the CBS interlocking brake system provide flexible braking performance, which can reduce discomfort even in the case of rapid driving and deceleration, so that every time the brakes can hold the audience, all links have excellent safety protection.

Ur2 Plus ultra-intimate equipment is the only first choice for ultra-high CP value

Not only does PGO set a new standard for Ur2 Plus, PGO does not even miss the intimate details on the body. The ergonomic 73cm low seat height, ultra-saving center pillar and lightweight 82kg car weight are suitable for petite and lovely women. Very friendly.

The standard spin pedal is very considerate to rear-seat passengers. It not only considers the comfort of recoil and the convenience of pedaling, but it can also be easily folded to save space when parking or driving. Unlocking also enhances the practical performance of Ur2 Plus.

“You are too much!” Looking at the appearance, practical equipment, safety performance and other design of Ur2 Plus, is it really too much? Ur2 Plus not only shows the cuteness and strength of compactness and connotation, but also perfectly interprets the meaning of Ur2 much. This time it also introduces five color series, various colors represent different personality charm, whether it is lively and cute or low-key and simple, it can be used in Ur2. Find the most suitable color for you on Plus!

Ur2 Plus exclusive pre-order early bird discount
Ur2 Plus suggested market price of 58,980 yuan, From now to February 10, 2021, pre-order at PGO electric car stores to enjoy early bird discounts
Preferential items Amount/Value ($)
PGO original car purchase bonus (cash/card) 5,000
Value-for-money original boutique combination 2,700
The original boutique combination includes: PGO boutique rear armrest + PGO boutique hook + PGO original European style helmet
Ur2 Plus new car pre-purchase price does not include licensing fees and insurance fees
government subsidy
government Replace the old electric locomotive Newly purchased electric locomotive Subsidy amount ($)
Bureau of Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs 7,000
Environmental Protection Agency, Executive Yuan 1,000
Local environmental protection bureau Subsidies from environmental protection bureaus of counties and cities shall be subject to the announcement of local governments

For the ultra-high CP value car purchase discount, choose PGO electric car. PGO has launched a diversified and easy car purchase program. Whether you buy a car in cash or pay by credit card installment, PGO is the first choice for buying a smart electric car! Let people enjoy a good mood when buying cars!

Credit card installment: PGO credit card can also enjoy exclusive good health discount! Swipe the PGO South China Co-branded Card to enjoy 24 installments with zero interest rate,
You can get up to 8% cash back for paying Gogoro Network® battery tariff.China Trust cardholders can enjoy 30 installments with zero interest rate

Passionate people quickly go to the nearest PGO smart tram store to watch the car and try it out!
PGO consumer service line: 0800-481-071.

Data source “PGO”

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