Period 4 – Two-barreled Shotgun

The famous weapon samples in the game: World 4 - Shotgun 2 barrels - Photo 1.


A shotgun (also known as a guillotine gun, a shotgun, and a canola gun) is a simple and versatile weapon. They have a long history with origins as early as the earliest stages of gun development. Previous versions of the shotgun were musket (musket) and blunderbuss.

With the introduction of the barrel gun barrel in the 15th century, the guns using the smooth barrel (no groove) developed into a new class of weapons and is the precursor to today’s shotgun.

The advantage of the spiral barrel is to increase the stability and accuracy of the projectile, while the smooth barrel makes it more efficient to launch multiple bullets at once. This is a characteristic feature of shotgun.

The reason for calling shotguns a versatile weapon is because they can fire a variety of ammunition, from small bullets like bicycle marbles to shooting birds to larger bullets for hunting wild animals. If necessary, a shotgun can still shoot a large bullet (slug) like a rifle or shoot rubber bullets for suppression purposes.

Shotguns come in various caliber caliber 10 Gauge, 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge and .410 bore. The 12 Gauge is the most common floating ammunition size and is also the common shotgun size in popular culture.

Before lever-action and pump-action bullets were invented, shotguns used a break-action mechanism. That is, the gun body area will have a hinge for the user to bend down, take out the shell that was fired and replace the new bullet.

The famous weapon samples in the game: World 4 - Shotgun 2 barrels - Photo 2.

Break-action ammo mechanism.

Since this is a relatively time-consuming method of reloading, the addition of a second gun barrel has increased the firepower of the shotgun significantly, but not too much on reload time and weight.

There were triple and even quadruple shotguns built, however the classic twin caliber offers the perfect balance between firepower, weight, and complexity of the action.

Two-barrel shotgun forms

Two-barreled shotguns exist in the form of Side by Side (two side by side barrel – SxS) and Over / Under (upper barrel – O / U). The two sides next to each other are classic design, evoking the image of guns favored by hunters.

The famous weapon samples in the game: World 4 - Shotgun 2 barrels - Photo 3.

Over / Under vs Side by side

Whereas the O / U has a more precise viewfinder as well as a recoil that is easier to control, in return this is also a gun with a more complicated operation mechanism comes at a high price. Perhaps because of this, O / U is often associated with the image of the aristocracy playing the sport of shooting flying saucers.

Shotgun 2 barrels in the game

Whether it’s O / U or SxS, the twin-barrel shotgun is an important weapon in the development of first and third-person shooters. The game that made the appearance of the two-barreled shotgun famous is probably Doom II. In this game, if the normal shotgun is already strong, the double barrel shotgun (or the other name is Super shotgun) is even more powerful. The classic gun makes killing enemies as easy as the hands.

The famous weapon samples in the game: Issue 4 - Shotgun 2 barrels - Photo 4.

The two-barreled shotgun in Doom II

Not only Doom 2, many other games also raise the firepower of the 2-barrel shotgun far beyond the shotgun pump-action and semi-automatic even though they share the same size of ammunition. The reason for this decision is to balance the arsenal, if the 2-barrel shotgun does not have any superior points than other shotgun models, there will be few gamers who will keep an eye on this gun.

Because of its classic design with a wooden body and a black steel gun barrel, the 2-barrel shotgun is also a common gun seen in games set in the Far West. It can even be affirmed that the two-barreled shotgun is an iconic weapon for the west like the Single Action Army revolver or lever-action rifles.

The famous weapon samples in the game: World 4 - Shotgun 2 barrels - Photo 5.

Not only exists in shooters, the 2-barrel shotgun also encroaches on the hack n slash genre to act as Dante’s favorite weapon in the Devil May Cry series. Although not as powerful as the blade of Dante as well as the rate of fire of Ebony and Ivory, the shotgun is still favored by the demon hunter because it is strong enough to repel demons, creating opportunities to open combos.

The famous weapon samples in the game: Issue 4 - Shotgun 2 barrels - Photo 6.

Overall, the two-barreled shotgun has become one of the most popular guns in popular culture and when thinking of the shotgun, this gun is definitely the first image that comes to mind.

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