Performance test Vsmart Live: A good mid-range phone, performance quite good value for money

Performance test Vsmart Live: A good mid-range phone, performance quite good value for money

With 6 million to own Vsmart Live, users will receive performance like? The answer will be in the topic to assess the power of this Vsmart Live device. Smoothly in the usual daily tasks is what makes me feel satisfied, the gaming experience is also quite good and in my opinion, this is a machine worth considering in the genuine VND 6 million segment.

Overall configuration

The use of SoC Snapdragon 675 will help the company to cut costs and energy consumption but still not make the device too lacking in performance, at least compared to other devices of the same age. . Battery performance, which means the power consumption for tasks is very good, combined with the 4,000mAh battery leads to quite impressive battery life, we will have a review of the battery later. Back to the whole, in theory, the configuration that Vsmart Live is sufficient, not too outstanding nor outdone compared to other competing machines.

Performance evaluation


Antutu scores reached 175,000 points and for comparison, this Antutu score is on par with iPhone 7 Plus, a device that still has very good performance up to now. To be honest, it's different from the operating system so the comparison is lame, but in theory the Antutu performance overall is okay. Performance of CUP, UX, Memory is above average, only a slightly lower GPU score, and in the graphics test you will know why it only beat 20% of other devices.


Geekbench 4

As I said, according to Antutu score theory, Vsmart Live has the same score as 7 Plus, and in this Geekbench test, the single and multi-core scores are still similar to the Apple A10 chip in CPU processing capacity. In fact, if you are interested in experiencing common tasks, the CPU score like this is good enough. With scores like this, Vsmart Live is even on par with the high-end segment Galaxy A80 that uses the Snap 730G chip. Quite impressive about this in the Snap 675 chip.



Graphics are something that can be called "ingots" in Vsmart Live, actually I was not expecting much in Adreno 612 because this is a relatively low GPU platform if in the current common ground, not is quite low, but very low, only higher than Adreno 610: D. The rendering score measured by GFXbench is about 196.1 frames for the heaviest test. Due to the low processing power of graphics, the calculation software for game scores like 3Dmark is also low.



One thing that surprised me was that I didn't think the memory read and write speed of the Andro test was so good. 300MB / s read speed is not high, but compared to such a mid-range machine is ok then, and the write speed is 210MB / s, which is higher than the Galaxy A80 or even the S10 +. A plus point for Vsmart Live.



CPU capacity is quite good, so it's not surprising that PCMark scores are quite good. PCMark scores will evaluate based on the tasks that ordinary users or manipulations such as browsing the web, editing photos, making videos, etc. It also seems that thanks to the good CPU processing ability, most of the actual experience, so far I have not seen any cases of lag while using.



To test the gaming performance, we will use 3DMark. As mentioned above, the Adreno 612 GPU is a not so powerful graphics chip. This leads to tests like GFXbench or 3Dmark that do not have very high scores. And I will talk about real experience in the section below.


Direct experience

In short, there are 2 things to know in Vsmart Live:

  • CPU and memory performance is quite good, resulting in a stable and smooth experience. It looks like the UI has been optimized by the company to make it seem more responsive, I'm completely satisfied at this point. However, you should not let the machine run in the background too many tasks at the same time, because at this time there will be a certain jerky if using it too much.
  • Weak GPU: leading to unimpressive graphics performance. In fact, I tried two games, PUBG Mobile and Lien Quan, that couldn't play at a high and very high graphics level. The device only responds well when playing games at average level. If not too strict, you can still play games on Vsmart Live, the touch of its operation works quite correctly during most of the playing time (except for a few jerks :))).

Above are my reviews of Vsmart Live, thank you for watching the article: D (Lê Phú Khương)

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