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Since splitting into a separate brand, Honor has brought a lot of marks to the phone segment of less than 10 million. From Honor 10, Honor Play to cheaper products such as Honor 7x, Honor 9 lite all bring the best experience for users. Of course, to make smartphones with good configuration for gaming, Honor uses Huawei’s best technologies, competing fairly with Xiaomi in the low-price segment. In addition to using Kirin processor, Honor also brings excellent edge-to-edge screen and pioneered the universal AI camera for users in Vietnam.

Honor 10 Lite – a product of choice in the mid-range segment

With the success achieved in 2018, the company has sold Honor 10 lite for 5 million. Possessing outstanding features such as a large screen with a compact notch for the front camera, stable performance, AI camera and especially running Android 9 Pie, Honor 10 Lite is a smartphone worth considering for those who give The budget is not too abundant.

Detailed configuration


Honor 10 Lite has all the so-called “trends” of the world with a 19: 9 long screen, dual rear cameras, one-touch fingerprint sensor and glossy back surface with reflective colors. how to do on the back. Honor 10 Lite is sold in three colors Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue and Sky Blue and comes with the best finishing quality. Because it is a stripped-down version of Honor 10, the device only comes with a plastic frame and back instead of metal and glass. However, Honor also knows how to make a mark when it comes to a solid product, without the creaking phenomenon and the meticulously crafted joints.

Honor 10 Lite is highly advanced, despite all the plastic parts

The camera cluster is also beautifully designed, independent rather than a bulge on the back like Xiaomi’s smartphone models. This design helps the overall back become much more comfortable and synchronized. However, due to the glossy plastic back, the dirt or fingerprint ratio is very large, losing the inherent gloss of the product during use. In return, the machine has a high grip, easy grip and light weight.

Separated camera design makes the device much more beautiful

The upper side is the SIM slot, the memory card is located on the upper side, you should note that when inserting the SIM stick, need to pay attention not to be confused with the mic right next to

The whole hard key is located at the left edge

Still using the micro USB port is the most unfortunate thing on the Honor 10 Lite

On the front, the screen is overflowing with a tiny Notch-U to place the camera to create a more visual effect than most smartphones in the price range, accounting for 83% of the area. This is something Honor has done very well on mid-range smartphones for a year now. The unfortunate minus point for Honor 10 Lite is that it still uses micro USB while the Type-C standard is too popular.

Screen and sound

Honor 10 Lite is one of the smartphones with the largest screen in the price segment of around 5 million. The screen with IPS LCD panel, Fullview technology size of 6.21 inches ensures impressive entertainment. The Honor 10 Lite’s screen has vibrant colors, wide viewing angles, and comfortably experiences in any light environment. In fact, not everyone likes the screen to be a bit flimsy compared to normal and easily cause eye strain when used for long periods. Luckily, Honor also offers in-depth customization to soften colors on this screen, the fastest way to switch from Vivid to Normal mode. Besides, users can adjust the color temperature manually and mode “Soothe the eye” when used at night. This feature is also quite similar to True Tone on Apple devices, reducing the blue colors to pleasing the eye when used in dark environments.

Overall, the Honor 10 Lite has a perfect display for gaming, browsing and watching videos. To save battery, the manufacturer also equipped with a feature to adjust the resolution to a low level, but during use, the change did not seem obvious. In addition, if you do not like the notch affecting the overall interface of the device, you can optionally hide this part.

In terms of sound, Honor 10 Lite does not stand out with a single speaker on the bottom edge of the device, moderate quality, loud and clear. Due to its entry into the budget segment, the Honor 10 Lite doesn’t come with headphones. The device only comes with a charger, cable and case.

Performance and battery

While until 2019, performance is no longer a priority when it comes to buying a phone after the rise of AI cameras, in return, the user experience is good or not, depending on the part. this. Honor and Huawei have succeeded in bringing smartphones with the highest sum total for each segment. Thanks in part to the fact that HiSilicon Kirin chip itself makes the best software optimization and partly owns the leading advanced camera technology.

Honor 10 Lite is equipped with Kirin 710 processor – Huawei’s pride in the mid-range segment, although it is not the most powerful but in return, makes gaming devices relatively perfect. In terms of power, the Kirin 710 is on par with Snapdragon 660 but weaker in graphics processing with Mali-G51 MP4 GPU. The lowest version (also the product in this article) has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory – a bit lower than the general level but is enough for this device to provide a good user experience. If more than the storage capacity is needed, the additional memory card support is also a plus of the Honor 10 Lite.

Currently, testing with three popular games offered by VNG in Vietnam including Lien Quan Mobile, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile. With the two MOBA games, Honor 10 Lite can set the highest frame rate to play smoothly, including combat scenes with many different effects. An easy to pick up Honor product that is well optimized for global MOBA games and games from Tencent. Even the Nokia 8.1 in the higher segment with Snapdragon 710 chip, more RAM is also shocked when playing. Therefore, Honor knows how to optimize its products.

Regarding the most popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile, the device only receives at an average configuration, the frame rate is stable at 30fps, there is a slight frame jerking situation when the team is crowded. This is completely understandable when PUBG Mobile is still the hardware game today. Hopefully, the GPU Turbo update promise is fulfilled soon to make Honor 10 Lite more perfect.

Anyway, a mid-range smartphone like Honor 10 Lite you can’t ask for more. That’s more than enough for the usual experience, daily tasks and sometimes “try hard” MOBA games.

With a 3400mAh battery capacity, Honor 10 Lite can satisfy users in a long working day. Actual tests show that with 100% battery, you can surf the web, Facebook, watch videos comfortably via WiFi network, with 4G connection time will drop faster. The onscreen time of the device reaches nearly 7 hours.

I also tried playing MB: Bang Bang continuously for more than 4 hours, the remaining battery capacity is 20%, really respectable.


Camera AI, AI, AI and AI are what 2018 brings to users and Honor has also popularized this technology to the low-end segments. Of course, the AI ​​camera will yield satisfactory photos when adjusting the colors depending on the detected subject. But AI is heavily dependent on processor hardware and algorithms, so with Honor 10 Lite comes with a mid-range chip, not always accurate recognition, reasonable color adjustment. However, in most cases, Honor 10 Lite will produce really good photos. No exaggeration to say, with AI, you just base the composition and press the shutter, too simple.

In terms of specifications, the Honor 10 Lite rear camera features a dual sensor including 13MP f / 1.8 and 2MP for depth measurement. In terms of image quality, Honor 10 Lite is not so outstanding, at a good level and good for the price range. In bright enough conditions or close-ups, the photos produced in good quality, colors pushed up, moon balance as well as details reproduced perfectly. However, when taking portraits, Honor 10 Lite gives a slightly lifeless image and is especially weak in low light environment despite a large aperture, the phenomenon of exposure will appear quite heavy. The problem lies in the AI ​​noise reduction algorithm in night mode, it is difficult to overcome this when related to hardware. The biggest plus of the rear camera is the ability to expose, smooth the available water range, giving you featured photos that only Honor and Huawei own.

Some photos taken by Honor 10 Lite

In well-lit conditions, images produce an impression of any subject

Including portraits

And a close-up photo like this

Portrait mode will have a big problem in low light

Underexposed image is okay

Like the mid-range products aimed at young users, Honor 10 Lite is particularly powerful with 24MP selfie camera, AI-powered and font removal. Photos from the front camera are detailed, wide enough to entice more friends. In particular, Honor also works with Ulike to bring a variety of color and beauty filters. Like the rear camera, the front camera also faces a lot of difficulties in low light conditions.


With VND 5.29 million, Honor 10 Lite has enough good elements for Vietnamese to choose. The product has a beautiful design, a long battery life, a camera with many features and especially supports artificial intelligence. However, if you need a product to play heavy games, Honor 10 Lite is not the right choice, anyway, just for the price mentioned above, it’s hard to ask Honor can do better, even if with any manufacturer.

Honor 10 Lite launched in Vietnam: Water drop screen, camera

( The selfie camera phone – Honor 10 Lite has been officially introduced and sold on the Vietnamese market.


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