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Pep Guardiola has a headache when De Bruyne returns?


During the period when Kevin De Bruyne was off due to injury, Man City was unprecedented. The return of the Belgian midfielder will therefore pose problems with coach Pep Guardiola.

* Arsenal – Man City: 23:30 Sunday, February 21.

Man City thought it would be difficult without conductor De Bruyne. But in fact, they won all eight games without the Belgian midfielder’s service. Man City even defeated the defending champions Liverpool at Anfield – something Pep Guardiola has never done since coming to England. At this time, they are firmly on the top of the Premier League table when they are 10 points behind Man Utd.

In all competitions, they also set up a series of 17 wins. Meaning that without De Bruyne, Man City is still a winning machine and works extremely smoothly.

However, De Bruyne has completely recovered from injury, and it sounds ridiculous, but Coach Guardiola is facing a dilemma: keep the above system, or change it to create opportunities for the game? This situation is probably not expected by anyone, simply because when De Bruyne is healed, he is the first choice of any coach, not just a Catalan teacher.

De Bruyne was back and kicked a few minutes against Everton in the previous round. Image: Reuters.

“Nobody is guaranteed a starting position at this club,” Guardiola said of whether or not to use De Bruyne. “De Bruyne, a player who has been contributing continuously for the past five and a half years is no exception. Players must play well if they want to stay on this team. If they don’t perform well, they understand themselves as lost. opportunity here “.

Guardiola was right in reminding De Bruyne to put in effort. The former Chelsea midfielder is still the main source of creativity for the team, but without him, Man City still scores regularly. Eight games without him, the Man City attack scored 24 goals, averaging three goals per game. De Bruyne to take on the role of conductor, Ilkay Gundogan, was kicked up by scoring six goals and assisting twice in his last five Premier League games.

Bernardo Silva and Phil Foden have also contributed greatly to the overall success. The Portuguese midfielder regained his form in the 2018-19 season, scoring crucial goals such as the full three-point shot for Man City against Aston Villa. Foden has scored six goals and assisted three times in the Premier League this season, including goals against Liverpool or the latest being Everton.

So what is the chance for De Bruyne when the other players in the same position are shining?

The answer lies in the level of the Belgian midfielder. Foden, Gundogan or Bernardo Silva can play very well, but De Bruyne possesses special qualities. De Bruyne’s branding was the pass that perhaps, only appeared in the player’s imagination. Not too much, in the football world at this time, few players have released quality passes like De Bruyne.

In stalemates, in front of clumping teams, De Bruyne’s passing ability can change the course of the game and is as important as a goal. The remaining Manchester City midfielders simply have not done it yet.

In addition, none of them showed incredible persistence like De Bruyne. In five and a half years playing for Man City, De Bruyne has devoted almost continuously, helping the Etihad team to achieve countless successes. “I cannot forget how big a contribution the team has made from Kevin,” admits Guardiola. “Without him, we wouldn’t have won the Premier League double, one season with 100 points and one season 98 points.”

Therefore, the Man City coach may soon bring De Bruyne back to the main team. Moreover, Man City will have to face an extremely thick schedule. Including the match against Arsenal tonight 21/2, they will kick nine games in a month. The addition of any quality midfielder is precious, let alone a top class player like De Bruyne. Guardiola may have a headache because he has not used De Bruyne immediately, but he will have more options when turning, especially in a season where Man City rarely gets a rest week.

In addition, another reason to believe De Bruyne will soon return to the team is the leader quality, according to the page. GoalThis is very important because any slip of Man City can end their successful season.

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