"People's Daily Overseas Network" named Xiao Zhan, and the comments made fans very moved

“People’s Daily Overseas Network” named Xiao Zhan, and the comments made fans very moved

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Recently, with the launch of “Douluo Dalu”, everyone’s attention to this work is also increasing, as expected. It is worth mentioning that at this time, “People’s Daily Overseas Network” also named young actors Xiao Zhan, Wu Xuanyi, and “Douluo Continent”. The whole article reviews the actors and this work, which is very good.

“People’s Daily Overseas Network” stated: “”Douluo Continent” portrays passionate youth, young people love to hear and hear. Focus on the theme of growth, convey the positive energy of youth! The lens is full of true feelings, tap the value of high-quality IP!” This is the official third of this work. The main evaluation, of course, the official said a lot, and it is very detailed. If you want to learn more, you can pay attention to the official blog of “CCTV TV Series”, which has a detailed introduction.

“People’s Daily Overseas Network” named young actors Xiao Zhan, Wu Xuanyi and “Douluo Dalu”, and the comments also moved fans very much. This is from the official recognition of the actors and works, especially the youthful blood, high quality, and love to see. , Convincing enough! It is worth mentioning that before the broadcast of “Douluo Mainland”, this work was reported, and was boycotted by “black fans” when it was broadcast. It was very irrational to call the official complaint.

Now the official comment on “Douluo Continent” shows that this is a good work that you love to see, otherwise it would not be possible to broadcast on the CCTV channel. What’s even more ridiculous is that even so, many people have threatened to stop the broadcast of “Douluo Dalu”, which can only be said to be naive and difficult.

On the other hand, judging from the audience’s evaluation and data on the actors and works, “Douluo Dalu” is a good work, in official terms, it is “pleasant to hear and hear”, and it is deeply liked by the audience. Carrying forward the spirit of inspiration is also of educational significance. No matter from which point of view, “Douluo Continent” is worth watching.

Congratulations to “Douro Continent” and also to young actors Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi for continuing to work hard! Hope to continue to bring you more and better excellent works!


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