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People Have Bad Day – Hilarious Examples Of People Having Bad Day (Part 2!)

That lovely German word ‘schadenfreude’ describes the pleasure that one gets in witnessing another person’s misfortune. While we don’t necessarily condone this slightly evil feeling, it can be useful in putting one’s own struggles and unfortunate events into perspective.

For example, you’re not having a good time of things. You didn’t get much sleep, the car won’t start, and you’re late for work. Seems like you’re having the worst day ever! It’s easy to feel grumpy and full of self-pity; you might even bring the people around you down as well, with your crappy mood.

However, one look at this list, compiled by THC Channel, will immediately make you realize how much worse things can be. These people are having a really bad day, and it’s sure to be worse than yours. Does that make things better? Yes. Should it really? Probably not. But somehow it does, so who are we to argue?

Keep watching for your daily dose of schadenfreude, whether you need it or not, and feel free to tell us about your own funny accidents in the comments!
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