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People excited to join the vegan festival in Korea

The 7th vegan festival is scheduled to take place on November 2 and 3 at the Culture Tank, a cultural venue around the petroleum storage tank in western Seoul. Photo: Yonhap

Taking place on 2 and 3 November at a cultural site that used to be an oil depot in western Seoul, this is the 7th vegan festival to be held in Korea.

This event is one of the jubilant activities around the world, including Vietnam, in response to the International Vegetarian Day (World Vegan Day November 1 every year). This year's festival in Korea takes the theme of "Vegan World" and "World Peace", referring to the current burning issues of the Green Planet as the situation of climate change.

Participating in the event, people visiting Seoul will be able to visit 100 stalls selling vegan food and products not tested on animals. They can also attend vegetarian and environmental workshops, or become short-term practitioners of vegetarian cooking classes or yoga classes as part of the festival.

On this occasion, the organizers also released two documentary films, one of which was about the relationship between humans and animals, the other was the story of a bird living on a lonely island. in the Pacific.

In the promotional information about this event posted on Facebook and Instagram photo sharing application, the organizers encourage participants to bring their own catering and shopping to minimize waste. to the environment.

Veganism is a lifestyle that follows the trend of not using animal products and is opposed to treating animals as a commercial product. Vegans will avoid using animal-based foods and beverages, as well as animal-related products.

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