'Penthouse 2'Yujin, Yoon Jong-hoon and marriage reversal➝Esia's first appearance[종합]

‘Penthouse 2’Yujin, Yoon Jong-hoon and marriage reversal➝Esia’s first appearance[종합]

[OSEN=선미경 기자] As expected, Kim Soon-ok’s development is beyond expectations. From the first broadcast, death notice and murder, as well as the development of a reversal, unprecedented story began. Now, I’m more curious about how Lee Ji-ah, who died last season, will first appear.

SBS’ new Friday and Saturday drama’Penthouse 2’was first aired on the 19th, and caught the eye with its unconventional development. From the first broadcast, the development began in earnest with intense interest, recording the highest viewership rating of 20% (based on Nielsen Korea) at the moment.

On this day’s broadcast, the content of Oh Yoon-hee (played by Yujin) and Shim Su-ryun (played by Ji-ah) taking off the murder frame was drawn. Seo-jin Chun (played by Kim So-yeon) and Dan-tae Ju (played by Um Ki-jun) killed Shim Su-ryun and accused Oh Yoon-hee, planning their engagement and living as they wished. While the engagement was announced, Chun Seo-jin entered the penthouse and sat down at Shim Su-ryun.

Nevertheless, anxiety remained. Yoonhee Oh escaped, and Seojin Cheon received a threatening message constantly. Cheon Seo-jin thought it was Oh Yoon-hee’s, but the culprit was Deacon Yang (Rosa Kim). Upon learning of the fact, Dan-tae Joo struck out both butlers, and because of this, he was caught in a trap.

It is because the suicide note that both butlers made extreme choices said that the real criminal who killed Shim Su-ryun was Ju Dan-tae. In the end, Dan-tae Ju had to pretend that Jinbeom, who killed Shim Su-ryun in order to save himself, was not Oh Yoon-hee, but Yang butler, and Oh Yoon-hee took off his name and met his daughter Baero-na (played by Kim Hyun-soo). This suicide note was created by Logan Lee (Park Eun-seok), who was with Oh Yoon-hee.

Oh Yoon-hee, who was not framed, appeared as announcing full-scale revenge. Appeared at the engagement hall of Seo-jin Cheon and Dan-tae Ju with her ex-husband, Yoon-cheol Ha. Ha Yoon-cheol introduced Oh Yoon-hee as his wife.

Artist Soon-Ok Kim, who had unprecedented progress in Season 1 with the death of Shim Su-Ryun, immersed viewers in the development of a twist from the first broadcast in Season 2. It is the appearance of Oh Yoon-hee, who dreams of revenge after taking off her frame in a rapidly turbulent development, along with Ha Yoon-cheol. As Ha Yun-cheol also wants revenge for Seo-jin Cheon and Dan-tae Ju, it is noteworthy how the revenge that the two will continue to be drawn together.

If Oh Yoon-hee’s unconventional appearance was the highlight of Season 2’s first broadcast, interest is also being focused on how Lee Ji-ah, who played Shim Su-ryun, will appear. Previously, Lee Ji-ah did not attend the script reading and production presentation for’Penthouse 2′, which caused curiosity. As it was the main axis in Season 1, the development of death in the last episode was an unimaginable reversal, and as a result, the curiosity about Season 2 is growing.

‘Penthouse 2’where Oh Yoon-hee and Ha Yoon-cheol joined hands with Cheon Seo-jin and Ju Dan-tae to begin a reversal. Whether Lee Ji-ah appears in a role other than Shim Su-ryun and writes a radical reversal once again, or whether she will eventually appear in Season 2 as if she was absent from the script reading and production presentation, attention is drawn beyond Oh Yoon-hee’s revenge narrative. /seon@osen.co.kr

[사진]SBS broadcast screen capture

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