Peel off the iPhone's delicate, super-sharp clone XI: The screen is rough, Android fakes up 10 times lag - Photo 9.

"Peel off" iPhone 11 fake clones are blatant: The screen is rugged, fake Android jerks lag 10 times

Although there are still two months to arrive at the time of launch of the new generation of Apple iPhone (called the name of iPhone 11), however, many counterfeit products have been rampantly sold out right now. Recently, the YouTube channel "EverythingApplePro" specializing in information of Apples has had the opportunity to experience hand-knocking an iPhone 11 clone, to realize unexpectedly subtle differences.

At the first glance, the reviewer realized a suspicious point: The "seal" nylon wrap looked completely different from the original Apple, with a more visible and wrinkled lines than usual.

For a box of original Apple iPhones, their nylon covers are always close to absolute, not wrinkled and exposed to the paste like this fake.

The point worth praising (reluctantly) is the back is manipulated very meticulously, with luxurious glass panel is like an iPhone XS real goods. The camera cluster also exuded perfection, exactly as rumors were given.

The 4-side details are also carefully crafted, exactly the same as the original one of each button, position and layout.

However, the differences appear to be related to the screen and front of the fake iPhone 11. The opening is a touch operation to "wake up" an unavailable screen, which is the default feature from the beginning on new iPhone models.

EverythingApplePro continues to try the above for sure, then press the power button to unlock the device. Motion interface of iPhone 11 clones looks significantly more rigid than real Apple goods, right from the screen swipe operation.

Touch touches are also more shocking than imagined. In addition, swiping from the left side to back (back) is also the default function of iOS.

EverythingApplePro had to retry dozens of times to make sure …

The bottom edge of the screen appears thicker than expected, indicating that this is definitely an indisputable clone.

Swipe gestures from the bottom to Home or open the multi-task program are difficult to see and slow down.

Most frightening, the power of this fake iPhone 11 is only 1/10 of the comparable iPhone XS. Even, the configuration application also flips the configuration right here is an Android form factor iOS in the information provided comes.

All numbers are 10 times less than real goods.


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