Pedophilia He buys a girl to make her his slave

Pedophilia He buys a girl to make her his slave

A retired psychoeducator who bought an 8-year-old girl in Africa to make her his sex slave in Montreal faces a long prison sentence now that he has been convicted of human trafficking.

“The treatment she underwent at the hands of the accused is nothing less than enslavement, since he was using her as a puppet”, commented Judge Pierre Labelle in rendering his verdict against Sylvain Villemaire yesterday at the Montreal courthouse.

Villemaire, 59, is a former psychoeducator from Montreal-North who fell in the sights of the police for child pornography.

However, during a search of her home in 2018, they were surprised to discover a child there.

And after checking, they found that the little one was nothing less than Villemaire’s sex object, which he had bought in 2015 from a woman in Africa.

“His life took a nightmarish turn a few days after arriving in Canada,” said the judge. She had to submit to the impulses of the accused, the gestures occurred a few times a week. “

Signed contract…

Villemaire had even made the child sign a “contract”, in which she had to indicate that Villemaire could do what he wanted with her “as he wants and when he wants”.

“I undertake not to divulge anything to anyone, to anyone, about what he does with me,” the document said.

And when she didn’t obey the psychoeducator, she had to live with the consequences.

Once, Villemaire reminded her that her mother had sold her and that a “prostitute would have cost her less”, or that it was “the least of things that she submits”.

The mother in Africa did not seem to care about her daughter, since she received money which allowed her, among other things, to have drinking water in her home. However, she took care to tell the Montrealer to “be careful” with her daughter, because she was a virgin.

” [La victime] lived through a hell that she told in court, the judge said. He had total and complete control, she was his prisoner. The exploitation continued until the arrest of the accused. “


But despite the overwhelming evidence against Villemaire, the latter tried to downplay the facts, saying that at the time he was suffering from depression.

“He says he never wanted to abuse her,” said the judge, explaining that Villemaire then tried to make people believe that it was the little one who had initiated the first contact. He maintains that he was looking for affection, that he never hurt her. “

However, these arguments did not convince either the judge or the Crown. Me Amélie Rivard is also considering asking that he be declared a dangerous or long-term offender. But Villemaire has already announced that he would refuse to collaborate.

“I’m going to sulk in my cell,” he said.

What the judge said

“The gestures were repeated a few times a week, except on a few occasions. When she was not listening or doing what the accused asked, he would get angry, he would knock on the walls. “

“During an assault, she said no to the accused. A call is made to [la mère] and the latter informs her daughter that she must continue. “

” [Villemaire] threatens to return her to Africa because she refuses [une relation]. She feared the reaction of her mother, who had told her to continue to submit. “

“What motivates Villemaire is to perpetuate his control over the victim. “

“His desire to reinvest in the life of the victim, once the proceedings are over, is breathtaking. By what twisted logic can we even imagine that a victim of sexual assault could benefit from any help from his aggressor? “

– Judge Pierre Labelle


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