Pediatric diseases: well diagnosed with artificial intelligence

Pediatric diseases: well diagnosed with artificial intelligence

This algorithm was developed from data from more than 1,300,000 pediatric consultations in China. The latter grouping together not only the description of symptomss made by pediatricians, but also the notes taken by doctors during their consultations, the results of blood tests requested, the x-rays….

This artificial intelligence therefore brings together a great deal of data.

Reliable diagnosis

The algorithm developed from all this data thus makes it possible to diagnose with certainty the infectious disease feet-hands-mouth in 97% of cases, the influenzain 94% of cases and the varicella in 93% of cases. The algorithm also recognizes much more serious diseases like bacterial meningitis in 93% of cases.

If there is no question that this artificial intelligence replaces a pediatric consultation, it can help them make a diagnosis in case of uncertainty, analyze large amounts of pediatric medical data and save time in their work.

For now, this is only research that has yet to be finalized, but the results are already very convincing.

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