PD Na Young-seok, “BTS V, Park Seo-joon-I listen to a lot of stories from Choi Woo-sik”

PD Na Young-seok, “BTS V, Park Seo-joon-I listen to a lot of stories from Choi Woo-sik”

BTS’ V attracted not only fans but also the viewers of the home room with a dazzling visual and lovely sense of entertainment.

On the 7th, BTS showed off their best chemistry by appearing on tvN’s popular entertainment programs’Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip’ and’Run BTS’ collaboration broadcast.

PD Na Young-seok, who visited the filming site in surprise, was luckily and tense, saying, “I came to play some games because I came to MT,” and the members expressed their expectations as well as amazement. In particular, V welcomed Na PD with a lovely smile and intimacy.

V’s natural yet elegant loose fit outfit, sculptural perfect features and a smile that seemed to dissolve the other party were enough to fascinate viewers.

Na PD meets V for the first time, but says, “I am the least awkward member in my heart. I worked a lot with Woo-sik (Choi Woo-sik) or Seo-Jun (Park Seo-jun), but I heard that he was a close younger brother.” The members made the scene a sea of ​​laughter, saying, “Woosik-i and Seo Jun-i are like unicorns.”

V said, “Are you doing a character quiz? When I saw it on TV, I got it all right.”

After the TV broadcast, the official YouTube channel’Channel Fifteen Nights’ additionally revealed the’What are you doing now’ section where the members perform their respective missions.

In this game, in which the last person who succeeds by interfering with the missions of other members wins the game, V started to notice from the beginning. They showed cleverness of acting without the members noticing, such as removing suspicious food or objects, and acting skillfully other than their mission.

V, who has to perform the euphemism of BTS’ song’Idol’, confuses not only the members but also the viewers with the trick of lying on the floor without dancing from the beginning.

The sound of laughter like a child lying on the floor with the members to interfere with each other’s mission was healing itself.

V, who has zero attack power and zero defense, enjoys distracting operations, and continues to dance even in places where the camera is not well lit, turning the bedroom into a sea of ​​laughter.

Fans responded hotly, saying, “V’s beauty is not distracted”, “I only saw V’s face, but the broadcast has already ended”, and “Tae-hyung, who dances dynamite instead of an idol, is too smart.”

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