PCHunter Anti-Rootkit - Extremely effective manual removal of Viruses

PCHunter Anti-Rootkit – Extremely effective manual removal of Viruses

Remove Virus with PCHunter Anti-Rootkit software that helps you to protect your computer from malware, spyware and popular viruses such as Spyware, Keylog, Malware, Adware, … PCHunter Anti-Rootkit is considered as an application. using the current powerful and effective manual anti-virus support that you should try.

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PCHunter Anti-Rootkit provides users with many powerful features with the ability to manually remove Viruses, manage the system and manage active processes on the system, … Especially PCHunter Anti-Rootkit has Compact and compatible on all Windows operating systems for you to use.

PCHunter Anti-Rootkit – Extremely effective manual removal of Viruses

– Download and install the latest version of the application: Download PCHunter

– Run the .exe file of the application (no installation required) with the interface as shown below

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– PCHunter Anti-Rootkit allows you to view and process running processes on the system with the highest administrator privileges (similar to this feature). Process in Task Manage).

To stop running processes (suspected of containing Viruses) you right click on the process and select Kill or Force Kill. In addition, PCHunter Anti-Rootkit also provides many other powerful features: Manage kernel modules, manage system shortcuts, manage network resources, advertise the Registry, manage startup, … and lots of customization deep in the system.

Above, ElectrodealPro shared with you the powerful manual anti-virus software PCHunter Anti-Rootkit brings users many interesting experiences, safely protecting the computer from Viruses and malicious codes from the side. out. In addition, Avira Free AntiVirus and Kaspersky AntiVirus are equally powerful antivirus software that most users choose to protect their computers.


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