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PCBuild 101: Basic notes when selecting a motherboard

It can be said that the mainboard is the spine of the computer, because all components must communicate with each other via the mainboard, and the mainboard is also one of the important factors determining the ability to upgrade / expand. about the long term of a computer. However, buying a motherboard properly is not an easy thing, because there are so many choices in different segments, making it very easy for buyers to make wrong decisions.

In this article, Phong Vu will point out the basic points to consider when choosing to buy a motherboard, which helps you make decisions accurately and easily.

1. Socket

First you will have to determine whether you want to buy CPUs from Intel or AMD to choose to buy the motherboard with a suitable socket. At the present time, popular CPUs of Intel are using socket LGA 1151-v2 and LGA 2066.

ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Omega 10 socket 2066

For AMD, two popular sockets will be PGA AM4 and LGA TR4.

Instructions for choosing to buy mainboard 2
ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha with socket TR4
LGA TR4 socket AMD's.

Choosing the correct type of socket support for the CPU you want to buy is very important, choosing the wrong socket with the CPU will make the mainboard not recognize the CPU, even causing unfortunate damage to the hardware. To know if the socket of the motherboard is compatible with the CPU, you should consult the information from CPU manufacturers such as Intel, AMD and manufacturers of motherboards such as ASUS, ASRock, GIGABYTE, EVGA, MSI, or attend Check out the technicians to get the most accurate information.

2. Costs

Next will be of course how much you want to spend on buying a mainboard, but this is not a simple thing. Too expensive will make you cut the cost of other components, too cheap, the ability to upgrade will be limited significantly.

First you will have to rely on your use needs, you need to play high profile games, overclocked, can be used to run virtual machines, render, video editing or you are simple only needs soft entertainment.

If you only use simple and light entertainment, any motherboard using A320 (AMD) or H310 (Intel) chipset will meet your needs. Meanwhile, if you are a veteran gamer, always want to experience the most popular titles, the mainboard series using B350, B450 (AMD) chipsets or B360, B365, H370 (Intel) is more than enough for Your gaming needs while still ensuring hardware support in the long run.

Instructions for choosing to buy mainboard 3
GIGABYTE B360 AORUS Gaming 3 WIFI (photo: wccftech)
The mainboards using Intel B360 and B365 chipsets are very hot in the mid-range segment

If you are a technology lover, always want to experience new technology and especially love overclocking, buy Mainboard using X370, X470 (AMD) and Z370, Z390 (Intel) chips will definitely make you happy. Please. If you are a professional who works with applications that run virtual machines, render, and edit video, then the main boards using X399 (AMD) and X299 (Intel) chips are the most suitable choice to support those CPU has strong processing capability.

Instructions for choosing to buy mainboard 4
Mainboard Taichi Ultimate
The AMD X470 chipset brings a lot of improvements compared to the older generation X370 (photo: eteknix).

3. Support ability

Instructions for choosing to buy mainboard 5
MSI MEG X299 Creation (photo: Proclockers)

The support of the mainboard is quite important, but do not therefore choose to buy a dedicated high-end mainboard for overclocking and a large number of plug ports (SATA, PCI) while you only use to play game Or if just because you try to save as much as possible, you accidentally choose to buy a motherboard that can support very little and then after a period of use, it is discovered that you cannot add M.2 SSD or expansion card.

Great support is only useful when fully utilized

In short, to answer this issue will depend a lot on how you balance your needs, plan to add more components in the future.

4. Size

Whether you use the platform of AMD, Intel or any other company, there will be only 4 popular mainboard sizes on the market today: mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX and E-ATX. Choosing the size to buy the mainboard will depend a lot on the support of the computer case and the number of devices you need to use.

For most users, there will be 2 types of micro-ATX and ATX options because of the ability to support adding very good components while maintaining the right size and compatible with most existing computer cases. now on.

Instructions for choosing to buy mainboard 6
ASUS GENE Z390, do not mistakenly buy a small sized motherboard that is not fully playable (photo: back2gaming).

Meanwhile, mini-ITX and E-ATX are only suitable for certain users. Mini-ITX will usually only be suitable for small devices, in exchange for limited scalability, while E-ATX is aimed at high-end users and the majority of ordinary users almost can't use the full capabilities of these motherboards.

Instructions for choosing to buy mainboard 7

Not everyone takes full advantage of the main board E-ATX (photo: anandtech).

5. Overclocking

Selecting to buy the mainboard to overclock is a lot of time to learn, research carefully because there are many factors that directly affect the ability to support overclocking of a mainboard. You will have to pay attention to the power supply, radiator, BIOS and many other small things that require you to be a technical savvy person as well as refer to the information from many review sources.

Instructions for choosing to buy mainboard 8
GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Master (wccftech)
Overclocking is always a long way that requires a lot of hardware knowledge (photo: wccftech).

However, the good news is that with the CPU architecture and mainboard design improving, this is only true for users who love overclocking and high-end CPUs, for normal users all the midrange mainboard line supports basic overclocking extremely simple and easy to use. So unless you're the one who likes to push your hardware to the limit, a midrange mainboard using B450 or B360 chip set is enough to meet the overclocking needs.

Instructions for choosing to buy mainboard 9
MSI B450 TOMAHAWK (photo: anandtech)
Most mid-range mainboards today support the basic overclocking feature (photo: anandtech).

6. Network connection

For network connections, there are a few points you need to keep in mind as follows. First, if you are a gamer try hard, then choosing to buy the motherboard using the Rivet integrated network processor like the E2200, E2500 or I219V, Intel's I211AT is worth considering. Although for normal use the difference is insignificant, but for the gamer 's increasing try hard requirements, just a few milliseconds is enough to make a difference.

Instructions for choosing to buy mainboard 10
ASRock Z370 Pro4
Intel I219V is a network processor commonly found in gaming and high-end mainboards (photo: clockemup).

In addition, if you often use wireless connection, 1 mainboard with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity is also one thing to pay attention to. Or in case you need to have a large bandwidth network, a mainboard with 10Gb / s network processor is an extremely reasonable choice.

7. Peripheral connection

Although most current motherboards are equipped with high-speed USB communication ports such as USB 3.0, 3.1. But if you are a person who needs to use multiple peripherals for a while, especially for peripherals that require high connection speeds or export high quality images for work, then work The choice of a mainboard with integrated USB Type C connection, even a Thunderbolt 3 connection is a special priority option.

Instructions for choosing to buy 11 mainboard
Thunderbolt 3 supports exporting high quality images via mainboard (photo: thestreamingblog).

8. Sounds

In terms of sound, it will depend a lot on your needs, if you are an audio enthusiast then surely the integrated audio processor will not be able to meet your ears, but if You only need to listen to music, play games, normal entertainment, most audio processors on the current motherboards such as ALC1220, S1220 until ALC887, ALC892 are enough to give you sound experience pretty good.

Instructions for choosing to buy mainboard 12
MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC
Worried about the sound quality on the mainboard is the story of the past (photo: tweakpc).

Here, surely there will be many you will think that "choosing the mainboard is so confusing," but the truth is, choosing a mainboard like that has never been an easy task, right both for the most sophisticated technology players. One extremely important thing that you always have to remember when choosing the mainboard is that "there is no perfect mainboard", you will have to rely on your priority for any use more and from there make decisions for yourself. Hopefully this article will help you choose to buy mainboard exactly as you want.


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