PC / PS4 version of “MHW: Icefield” 2020 update roadmap announced!

Capcom held the “Monster Hunter Festival 19-20” (Osaka venue) today (January 19), where PS4 version of “Monster Hunter World: Icefield” was released, including the 2020 update schedule. Let us review it together! Zh

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Monster Hunter Festival 19-20

怪物 “Monster Hunter World: Icefield” will launch a new set of line packs of golden lion, big head and hot spring silver monkey, a total of 32 kinds, priced at 120 yen. There are friends who are using Line can clickGo to buy.

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Line emoji

怪物 “Monster Hunter World: Icefield” will launch equipment styles linked with USJ (Universal Studios Japan), with Kabuki as the theme. The equipment will be launched in conjunction with two distribution missions. The initial launch date will be March 20, and the later launch date will be May 15. There are also new VR hunting content added, which can be experienced on the USJ site.

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Linked with USJ equipment

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VR hunting

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