The sadness of Android companies: Paid heaps of rent on KOLs, why genuine ads but then they still use iPhones - Photo 1.

Paying heaps of rent on KOLs, why do they make ads but they still use iPhones

In the smartphone war, no advertising strategy is as effective as attacking Apple. Samsung's 2012 "The Next Big Thing" established the position of the Galaxy S as the only smartphone that could compete with the iPhone. Huawei's obsession with iPhones during events has also helped make the P and Mate series a prominent competitor in the premium segment. Almost no smartphone company has never taken the iPhone sarcasm or comparison, and comes with a whole anti-fan community on social networks. If you go through a series of articles about Apple on social networks, you will certainly encounter countless ironic criticisms directed at Apple. You will surely believe Apple is the most hated company in the world …

Yet, in the end, the love for Apple is still the most sincere.

Gal Gadot loves which phone, after all ….

Why not? Just recently, in a photo posted on Chinese social network Weibo, Huawei founder and CEO Mr. Ren Zhengfei was caught carrying an iPad with him. Earlier, when arrested in Canada, Nham's daughter (and also the CFO of Huawei) brought with her a full range of products in the Apple ecosystem – iPhone, iPad and MacBook. The only Huawei product that Ms Meng brought was just a Mate 20 RS.

Not only do leaders use Huawei, Huawei employees also use iPhones to post to the company's official Twitter channel. In 2018, Gal Gadot, Huawei's official representative in the US, used the iPhone to post promotional clips for Mate 10 and P20. At the height of My Trung's trade, a Chinese diplomat posted a sarcastic photo "Why is Apple afraid of Huawei" with an iPhone.

The sadness of Android companies: Putting down a lot of rent for KOLs, why are they doing advertising but then they still use iPhones - Photo 2.

Former president of Google uses iPhone while in office.

As you might have guessed, this half-hearted situation isn't just for Huawei. Still Twitter, LG used the iPhone to mock the Bendgate issue of the iPhone 6. Samsung employees in many countries have not only once used the iPhone to post. In particular, in 2016, going to Europe for the event, Google president Eric Schmidt was repeatedly discovered using the iPhone. Interview with CNBC, he bluntly admitted to using the iPhone 6S and then argued that the Galaxy S7 was better.

But speaking of the "backfire" level, influencers and stars are definitely at the top of the list. Alicia Keys singer while still "creative director" for BlackBerry still uses iPhone post. Last year, actress Emily Ratajkowski repeatedly showed off her photos with the iPhone when she had just finished a series of ads for OnePlus, the "premium" brand of BKK Group (OPPO, Vivo, Realme). Earlier, the famous tennis player Sania Mirza also released the heart for OnePlus 3T from … iPhone. She is from India, where Apple products are the most expensive in the world.

Social networks proved to be an effective tool to "show" the stars' love for the iPhone. Oprah Winfrey praised the Surface from the iPad, David Ferrer promoted the Galaxy S4 with the iPhone. In 2013, during a widespread offensive, Chinese stars posted a Weibo forum to criticize Apple. What equipment do they use? IPhone and iPad, of course.

The sadness of Android companies: Paying a ton of rent for KOLs, why are they good at advertising but then they still use iPhones - Photo 3.

When photos of Pixel 2 XL are posted from iPhone !!!

Outside of social networks, David Beckham uses the iPhone while he is still contracting with Motorola. Three years later, when he became a representative of Samsung, he also switched to iPhone 5. Actress Kate Upton took a photo with the iPhone during the Galaxy Note 10.1 launch event in New York. Her colleague, Jessica Alba, used the iPhone while still a spokeswoman for Windows Phone.

The most memorable of these incidents is probably the 2014 incident, when Samsung ventured to promote the Galaxy Note 3 during the Oscars. With the invitation of the actors to take selfie photos, host Ellen DeGeneres broke the record of likes / shares on Twitter. However, the media storm quickly changed when just a few minutes later, Ellen was discovered using her iPhone to continue selfie and post photos with the actors behind the scenes.

The most ridiculous can be given to Google Pixel and OnePlus. In 2014, photos of Pixel 2 XL for some reason were shown by a Bollywood actor from an Apple-branded phone. And OnePlus let an influencer post "#officiallyswitchedtoandroid" (officially transferred to Android) with an iPhone!

The sadness of Android companies: Paid heaps of rent on KOLs, why genuine ads but then they still use iPhones - Photo 4.

Yes, this is probably the first to install Android on an iPhone

Perhaps somehow, the OnePlus influencer installed Android on an Apple phone. Or maybe not, she never switched to Android. It is easy to understand, because celebrities and influencers only love Apple, love very sincerely: No matter how much money they bring, they end up returning to using the iPhone!

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