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“Pay Your Age Day”: Build-A-Bear brand struggled because the promotion was too effective

Build-A-Bear is a famous toy and stuffed animal brand in the US. The company has now expanded in 160 countries. With a thickness of 20 years of operation, Bulid-A-Bear has a certain position in the hearts of consumers.

However, recently the Build-A-Bear brand had to end the early “Pay Your Age Day” event due to the larger number of visitors coming to the venue causing chaos, insecurity for the place where the event occurred. to sue.

On June 12, 2018, Build-A-Bear simultaneously organized the “Pay Your Age Day” event in the US, Canada and the UK. At this event, customers can buy stuffed products for the price of their own age. For children, the age limit is 1 – 14 and adults are under 29. Prices for stuffed products usually range between $ 20- $ 35. Therefore, at this event there may be products sold for just a few dollars.

However, by 11 noon, Build-A-Bear announced that it could not welcome any more guests on the grounds that it was “too crowded and potentially causing disorder and order”.

Build-A-Bear becomes a “victim” when the event is out of control. Photo: AP / Michael Dwyer.

According to him Neil Saunders, Managing Director of GlobalData Retail, Build-A-Bear’s reputation may be affected after this incident. “The larger number of people attending” Pay Your Age Day “than expected makes them struggle to resolve the crisis brought about by their own success.”Saunders shares.

“A lot of parents feel unhappy because they have not been able to fulfill their promises to their children, even many people have to travel a long distance to the commercial center area but the event is back. barehanded. As a result, Build-A-Bear will have activities to address this crisis, we may launch promotions and other events to compensate for those who are unable to attend the event. that day”Mr. Saunders added.

While the use of promotions, event replacement can help increase the number of customers coming back to the store, it will also reduce the profitability of the store.

Saunders said the incident at “Pay Your Age Day” is an example of “happy and sad” when they were the success of the event. Despite the unintended incidents, event ideas are still appreciated for popularity.

Thu Nga / Brands Vietnam
* Source: Kate Taylor / Business Insider


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