pay tribute? reference? CFMoto Eurasian Hybrid “250/300NK”

After the successful experience and foundation of 300SR, CFMoto, a motorcycle brand from China, will revamp its 250/300NK street car models, predicting that it will have a sharp and distinctive appearance. From the appearance point of view, the design of this car has a certain degree of tribute (reference) to YAMAHA or KTM.

Trying to prove that they have become the leading Chinese motorcycle brand, CFMoto, when their recent medium displacement product 300SR successfully impressed consumers, their attention this year (2021), It seems to be transferred to the 250NK/300NK street car models that have been launched for a while.

The 250NK/300NK changed its appearance after the launch of the V.02-NK concept car in 2018. The headlights are arranged up and down, the front and back of the fuel tank cover is divided into two different parts, the fairing extending forward from both sides of the fuel tank, Both sides of the radiator are covered with a carbon fiber pattern cover, etc., which are somewhat similar to the concept car.

However, as can be seen from the latest released photos, the new generation of 250NK/300NK seems to remain unchanged from the current model, and even the appearance of the engine has not changed much.

Perhaps many people are not familiar with the concept car V.02-NK, but this is the result of the cooperation between CFMoto and KTM. The V.02-NK, which debuted in 2018, is equipped with KTM’s LC8 V-Twin engine. Based on the development of the 1279cc engine, CFMoto also acquired engine technology from the 790 DUKE, and launched the 800MT adventure model, as well as many other smaller models.

This kind of partnership means that CFMoto, a Chinese brand car, is more or less related to KTM. The 250NK and 300NK may also originate here. By the way, according to the application documents of the 250NK engine, it can be found that the maximum horsepower has been slightly increased from 26hp to 27.5hp, and the weight has also increased from 151kg to 158kg, but it is not clear whether the dry weight or the curb weight.

In any case, the progress of CFMoto in recent years is obvious to all. The sales of 300SR and 300NK in Vietnam and other regions are also quite good. It is also expected that CFMoto will continue to launch small and medium displacement vehicles in 2021, giving consumers more choices. . (Unfortunately, the chances of seeing CFMoto models in Taiwan at this stage are still very slim…)

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