Pay off debt in turn [20h, 21/2] La Liga Round 24 2020/21

Pay off debt in turn [20h, 21/2] La Liga Round 24 2020/21

Barcelona lost to Cadiz in the first leg of La Liga this season and they will find a way to repay this debt.

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67 & # 39;: NOT IN

Dembele had a very good exit, but the final shot was too inaccurate, making Coach Koeman extremely angry outside the field.

63 & # 39;: NOT IN!

After Griezmann, Ousmane Dembele was too careful and the low shot was stopped by Cadiz defender.

60 & # 39;: NOT IN!

Messi had a chest brake before playing too with his teammates when he passed Griezmann. However, goalkeeper Ledesma had a situation of catching cards.

55 & # 39;: The speed of the game is significantly reduced when Barca actively play slowly and counterattack stalks.

46 & # 39;: 2 starts.


44 & # 39;: NOT IN!

Barca still has not had a goal to double the gap when the ball hits Cadiz, but Griezmann was previously blamed for offside.

39 & # 39;: Midfielder Frenkie De Jong had a situation to finish off the visitors’ net, but the referee did not recognize the goal because of an offside error.

32 ‘IN!

Messi had a gentle finish to beat goalkeeper Ledesma from the end of 11m.

31 & # 39;: PENALTY!

Pedri entered the penalty area, he just got his foot fouled by two Cadiz players and the referee immediately blew a penalty for the host.

22 & # 39;: NOT IN!

Barca counter-attacked quickly, Messi passed the ball favorably to Griezmann, but the French striker was blocked by Cadiz defender to cross the crossbar.

18 & # 39;: NOT IN!

Messi has the opportunity to face goalkeeper Cadiz but Barca superstar again missed.

13 & # 39;: Right-back’s determined ball to Destroy, but his inner pass was blocked by defender Cadiz.

9 & # 39;: NOT IN!

Messi’s deep free kick, but goalkeeper Ledesma takes 2 beats to embrace the ball.

5 & ​​# 39;: Immediately after the opening whistle, Barca rose to dominate the game and put the team together to besiege Cadiz’s goal, forcing the visitors to focus hard on supporting.

1 & # 39;: The match begins!

Lineup Barca vs Cadiz:

Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Dest, Piqué, Lenglet, Alba; Busquets, De Jong, Pedri; Dembélé, Messi, Griezmann.

Cadiz: Ledesma; Iza, Marcos Mauro, Fali, Espino; Salvi, Garrido, Jairo, Perea; Negredo, Sobrino

Verdict Barca vs Cadiz:

In the middle of last week, Barcelona had a disappointing 90 minutes when they lost 1-4 to PSG in the first leg of the round 1/8 European Cup.

Although there is still the return leg song With the difference in the score too large, Coach Koeman and his teachers understood that the opportunity to continue on the continental front was over.

At this time, La Liga is the only front that can help Barcelona avoid a failed season. Of course, Messi and his teammates understand their position and they enter the 24th round this weekend with the determination to win all 3 points.

With home advantage and outstanding squad quality, the Catalan team is confident to beat Cadiz in the match tonight.



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