Pastor Franklin Graham: 'I've never seen anyone work harder than Donald Trump'

Pastor Franklin Graham: ‘I’ve never seen anyone work harder than Donald Trump’

Renowned Protestant Pastor Franklin Graham on Friday (April 9, US time) defended the achievement of former President Donald Trump. He affirmed that during his four years in office, Mr. Trump “put America first” and worked tirelessly to benefit America and the American people.

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In response to the USA Today article about Mr. Trump’s drop “almost 300 places on the Forbes billionaires list”, Reverend Graham attributed the drop to Trump’s national service.

President Trump did not receive his salary when he served as president“, Mr. Graham wrote on Facebook on April 9. “Lots of politicians leave office with more money when they enter. Article [của USA Today] said President Trump has lost $ 1 billion in assets during his four years in office“.

Forbes magazine on Tuesday (April 6) announced the annual list of world billionaires, according to which former President Trump ranked 1,299. In 2020, Mr. Trump ranked 1,001th and in 2019 it ranked 715.

According to Forbes, Trump’s net worth in 2017 was about $ 3.5 billion, then dropped to $ 2.1 billion by 2020 and now stands at about $ 2.4 billion.

>>Forbes: Donald Trump’s net worth fell by a third as President Mfine

Donald Trump became president not to make money or embezzlement, but to do his best to preserve the greatest of this country for future generations.“, Reverend Graham wrote.

The Protestant pastor added: “He [Trump] put America first, not your own interests [lên trên]. I’ve never seen anyone work harder [ông ấy]. Thank you, President Donald Trump for your service to this country“.

Pastor Graham before the 2016 election was the one who opposed Mr. Trump and he also refused to endorse the real estate billionaire. But then, Mr. Graham became a steadfast supporter of President Trump during his four years in the White House and after he left office.

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