Party in Chambly No disciplinary sanction for a naked police officer

Party in Chambly No disciplinary sanction for a naked police officer

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer will not receive additional sanctions from his employer after completely undressing at a party in Chambly in August 2016.

According to what the daily “Ottawa Citizen” reported Friday, the Federal Court ruled in favor of Daniel Laporte, ruling that his disciplinary sanction did not explain how the reputation of the RCMP had been affected or how the incident was. related to his job. Without these demonstrations, a disciplinary sanction could not be imposed on the policeman who remained naked for about five minutes.

Constable Laporte, who had 13 years of experience with the RCMP at the time of the incident, was taking part in a party organized by one of his colleagues, where no one was in uniform.

Several friends of the police officer suggested, during this evening, to completely undress to go to the spa. According to Mr. Laporte’s statement, he undressed in his colleague’s kitchen and hid his genitals with a dish brush.

Realizing that he was running out of ice cubes, he put on a small towel around his waist to get some from his home, the neighboring house. Back at the party, he put on his clothes and never took them off afterwards, according to the “Ottawa Citizen”.

However, the head of the fight against organized crime (the unit of Daniel Laporte) got wind of the story in February 2017 and launched an internal investigation to shed light on the actions of his agent. Action was taken and Mr. Laporte was found guilty of violating the RCMP code of conduct in 2018.

The case has been appealed twice, first in March 2020 and then more recently, forcing intervention by the Federal Court.

Daniel Laporte is currently on “medical leave” from the RCMP, but will continue his appeal efforts to have a reprimand removed from his case file.


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