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[Parts Information]Small ideas are big enough! KOSO「JET SR Air Filter Cover Strip」


KOSO is a leading manufacturer of conversion kits in Taiwan. It has many modification products and the most abundant corresponding car kits. Therefore, many mainstream cars on the market KOSO will take care of every car fan as much as possible. Modification requirements, the focus is on many details of the modification of small things KOSO has also envisioned, and KOSO this time launched the air filter outer cover rubber strip developed for SYM JETS/R, which can easily decorate the appearance of the car!

KOSO classic red and blue colors can be selected, according to the color matching of the car.

The rubber strip has a solid structure, and the insertion port can more completely cover the outer cover of the air filter and will not loosen easily.

It is installed on the JETSR air filter cover and cleverly embellished the original black air filter area. With a small budget, you can make your car visually more layered. What are you waiting for?


Original source:[部品情報] Small ideas, big satisfaction! – KOSO air filter cover strip x JETSR

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