[Parts information]Rotor triangle reinstalled to show off! GJMS「FS-X Inverted Front Fork」

Regarding the launch of YAMAHA’s new sports model six generations, the appearance, engine, chassis and suspension are very different from previous generations. The only thing that remains unchanged is the same amazing sportiness and coordination. Power modification can be said to be contended by a hundred schools of thought, and the modification of suspension is not too much. Taiwan GJMS Zhijie Industry took the lead in launching the FS-X inverted fork modified front fork set for the sixth-generation battle.

GJMS FS-X Sixth Generation Fighting Triangle Rotor Inverted Fork

In terms of appearance, the FS-X inverted fork first inherited the usual characteristics of GJMS, that is, the design of the rotor triangle cylinder. From the appearance, it is easy to recognize the unique brand image of GJMS.

The inner tube adopts Ø35 iron tube and double-cylinder design, and the adjustment of the upper extension and compression side does not interfere with each other. The cylinder body is made of aluminum alloy 7050. The SKF soil oil seal from a large Swedish manufacturer has high quality, low impedance and is not easy to leak. It has high requirements for product materials.

GJMS FS-X double barrel design, high and low speed adjustable on the extension and compression side

The FS-X inverted fork has adjustable extension and pressure sides, and individual high and low speed adjustments. It can be said that it is a very delicately designed inverted fork system that allows users to adjust the front fork to a very fine level. There is a more outstanding show.

In addition to the high and low speed adjustment design on the extension and compression side, there is a spring preload adjustment mechanism on the top of the outer barrel, which can adjust the basic support soft and hard settings that best suit the user.

The design of the aluminum alloy wheel core cover nut makes the 10mm wheel core support better, and at the same time, there is no need to worry about the lock that is too tight and the eight-clamp frame in the front fork will cause unsmooth movement.

FS-X inverted fork adopts internal locking caliper seat design, which not only saves space for external adjustment mechanism and gas cylinder, but also adds aesthetic effect. Other gaskets and wheel speed sensor brackets and other GJMS are also provided in the complete box kit.

The design of the soil removal support is shared with the original factory front soil removal, and it can go straight without modification.

FS-X adopts aluminum alloy triangle platform, which greatly reduces the weight of the front fork group, and at the same time is stronger and more durable.

GJMS FS-X complete adjustment tool to easily adjust your shock absorbers

Three adjustment tools are included in the complete FS-X inverted fork box.

Hexagonal tool used to install the front wheel core.

The preload adjuster used to adjust the spring preload.

Another wrench adjustment tool can adjust the high and low speed of the extension and compression side, which is convenient to carry and adjust at any time.

GJMS FS-X feels as comfortable as walking on the ground

Installed on the car, this Sixth Generation Fighter has a modified front two-disc design, let’s try it out to see how the adjustment range and performance of this FS-X front fork are!

Our rear shock is matched with GJMS GP5-X stretch-pressure side adjustable bottle suspension shock. After installing the front fork and actually riding, you can clearly feel the comfort of the road is greatly improved. For small movements and potholes on the flat road, the FS-X inverted fork can definitely be said to be the six that we have ridden. The most comfortable setting in the modified front fork.

In general small corners, the FS-X inverted fork allows your hands to easily control your car through every corner without too much effort.

GJMS FS-X high and low speed adjustable advantages show

We gradually try to increase the speed of the car and increase the limit of the angle of inclination in the corner. At this time, we occasionally find that the shock absorber is insufficient under the condition of high speed deceleration. This may be due to the modification of the front double discs of this car, which caused the brakes. The force is too direct, but in any case, don’t worry, the FS-X inverted fork has the function of adjusting the high and low speed of the extension and compression side.

After the editor tried to increase the hydraulic pressure on the high-speed compression side, high-speed heavy braking and bending stability can immediately experience a sense of improvement, and under the premise that the double-cylinder design does not interfere with each other on the compression side, it is still possible Maintain the comfortable road experience on flat roads. It can be said that as long as you can find the right adjustment direction, this set of front forks can make your sixth-generation battle very obedient!

GJMS FS-X inverted fork completely cures your six-generation battle suspension

If you have a lot of dissatisfaction and profound preconceptions about the original suspension system of the sixth generation, and you are really determined to cure such suspension problems that are difficult to ride and hurt your buttocks and hands, the editor can carefully recommend this group of GJMS FS -X Sixth Generation Fighting Dedicated Inverted Fork System, double barrel design, high and low speed adjustment on the extension and compression side, the barrel is made of aluminum alloy 7050, and the soil oil seal is made of SKF low impedance material. It combines many advantages in one set of inverted forks. Fork!

Finally, it is necessary to mention to the riders that modifying the suspension allows you to have more choices of oil pressure, rather than making you a myth! No matter how powerful it is, this group of GJMS FS-X inverted fork systems requires your testing and adjustment on the road to achieve the ideal shock absorber state in everyone’s mind. Otherwise, no matter how good the equipment and adjustment functions are, it will only be a set of beautiful furnishings when installed on the car!

Interview cooperation: GJMS Zhijie Industry

Original source:[部品情報] Rotor triangle reloaded to show off – GJMS FS-X Sixth Generation Fighting Inverted Fork

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