[Parts Information]More stable and bigger! KOSO「X1 Quick Release Mobile Phone Holder」

Since 101, the government has clearly stipulated that automobile (motorcycle) drivers are prohibited from using mobile phones in their hands on the road and other behaviors that hinder driving safety. In addition to safety hats, mobile phone holders have become the basis for many motorcycle groups. The necessary modification parts. As early as four years ago, KOSO launched the X1 quick-release mobile phone holder for motorcycles, which is not only strong but also durable!

The new X1 improved mobile phone holder, detailed accessories are: adapter M8 / M10, quick release mobile phone holder body X1, knob head X1, M5X25mm screw X1, rearview mirror holder X1, hand-turn knob X1 M5 nut X1, 20mm screw X1, sleeve X1, adapter washer X1, M5X20mm screw X1, grip holder X1, rubber washer X3, and M8 sleeve X1.

The most important improvement of the new bracket is to respond to the increasing size of the screens of various mobile phones. Therefore, KOSO extended the old specifications to the rear, increasing the total length and width by about 0.8cm, and the maximum can support up to 6.7 inches. Screen phone. The picture shows the iPhone XsMAX 6.5-inch screen phone. You can see that the phone holder has a lot of space to accommodate a larger phone.

The KOSO mobile phone holder has a six-way chute adjustment design, a mobile phone quick release lock design, and an adjustable quick release 360° rotation, which can be freely scheduled to the best angle.

In addition, the upper and lower grooves have also been deepened to prevent the mobile phone from heavier and the risk of tripping due to vibration during riding. This is also different from the previous generation of mobile phone holders.

Regardless of whether it is a bare metal or with a protective cover installed, the adjustable mobile phone holder can correspond! The KOSO original manual recommends the use of mobile phone protective shells and mirror protective stickers, and the bottom is relatively flat, to avoid long-term use and vibration, which will cause the mobile phone to wear.

The KOSO mobile phone holder provides two fixing methods, one is fixed to the bracket under the rear mirror in the above picture, and the other is a clamp fixed to the circular grip. KOSO attaches three long and short rubber gaskets to the fixture, which can be adjusted according to the thickness of the grip, while avoiding scratching the grip.

The lower ball knob can easily adjust the angle of the host, and the four knobs at the rear can be adjusted to the appropriate position depending on the phone to clamp the phone.

Of course, we will not limit the creativity of riders. Who says that the phone holder can only be locked on the driver’s faucet? As long as it can be fixed with the bracket attached to the package, riders can use their creativity to create their own convenient riding environment. Bikers with enhanced rides can also try it out! (The editor is not responsible for any accidents caused by mobile phone jets…wrong)

Install the KOSO X1 mobile phone holder, whether you want to navigate or watch the map, you can operate safely, quickly and securely. Various angle adjustments allow you to have the most convenient viewing angle and provide a safer operating environment. Of course, you still need to remind all riders that you still need to pay attention to the road conditions ahead and don’t cause your own big troubles for inattentive small actions!


Original source:[部品情報] Newly modified large clamp for large clamping – KOSO X1 quick release mobile phone holder

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