[Parts Information]Kameng Full Meal! MOS “Strike Sixth Generation Carbon Fiber Kit”

MOS’s reputation in the car industry must be known to all car lovers. Whenever you mention Kameng, you will think of MOS! However, in fact, MOS still has many different products, and professional fans who follow our fans must know! Then the protagonist this time is also the new car Cygnus Gryphus six-generation battle, MOS launched all car parts in one go, let us see how to match the car to suit your own car!

The dream of white matching cards will never fade!

The white car shell with Kameng parts has always been a versatile color scheme for all vehicles, even though it is the sixth generation this time! MOS’s Kameng Yi product, material, and quality control all maintain its own strict production line configuration. So, can Kameng only be equipped with white cars? Of course not, let’s take a look at the different colors of the car, how will it feel!

The yellow and white paint surface, coupled with the MOS card dream small shield, looks particularly dazzling!

From the 1st to 5th generations, the Kameng Mullard will be modified. On the 6th generation, MOS Cardmeng Mullard must be available too!

The editor thinks that the most beautiful position is this position. MOS Card Dream’s chin makes the original monotonous color matching and enriches the sense of hierarchy!

Basic equipment for removing the land before the card dream!

Then there is the most common appearance of Kameng modification. After changing the front assembly, many people feel that it is time to change a piece of soil removal. The first piece of Kameng soil removal has been changed like this; before the sixth generation battle. There are also side covers on both sides of the soil, and with the MOS card dream, it is more three-dimensional!

It is also a good choice to simply install the Kameng Qiantu, except for the upper cover, and then use the original left and right decorative covers for decoration.

When riding on the road, it is possible to get hurt by stones at any time. We don’t want to scratch Kameng, we can install the MOS front soil and the side cover is also very beautiful!

Sharpen! more perfect!

The difference between the appearance of the sixth-generation battle and the previous generations is that the part of the H shell has been disassembled. In this one, the appearance of the vehicle can be better displayed. The appearance of the original car shell is used with the front side of the MOS card dream. Cover, you can feel the sharpness on the side more enough! More murderous!

The position on the side of the car is the same as the features of previous battles. Not only can stickers be affixed, but also the side strips of the MOS card dream car can be replaced! Give stickers a better background color setting!

No matter what color the MOS card dream radiator cover is on, the editor feels that it is very low-key, and without losing the beauty, it is directly included in the modification project!

visual impact! More seductive!

Is the original instrument cover unspeakably monotonous? Still look at the original factory instrument without a heart-stirring feeling? MOS also launched the Kameng meter cover for you to choose from, let MOS Kameng meter cover to add visual experience!

Many previous generations of racing fans will change the position of the cover of the taillight. In addition to the different paint colors, many people will also cover the card dream. MOS has also arranged the card dream of the taillight cover, which is really intimate. Nice again!

In addition to the design of overlapping bright surface and card dream embossing on the back inner soil, in addition to printing the MOS LOGO, it also makes the overall shape sharper!

The YAMAHA original factory has launched an optional small shield with openings, the purpose is to install a car recorder, and owners who have replaced this small shield can also buy it separately!

Is it troublesome to open the original seat cushion by hand?

In addition, it can be matched with MOS seat cushion springs. Simple springs can create greater convenience. The key can be turned to the maximum limit. Also matched with this beautiful blue, it can melt itself every time the car is opened. Heart~

And DRG seat cushion springs are also released! The riders in need can be said to be a great boon!

DRG seat cushion spring diagram, you can see the seat cushion spring with MOS, because of the relationship between the bracket, the opening angle is larger! The seats have also been raised a little bit, so you are no longer afraid of the brakes sliding forward!

Interview Cooperation: MOS motor _ Moto Of Sport

Original source:[部品情報] Any color matches! Car embellishment! -MOS Card Dream Accessories x Cygnus Gryphus Sixth Generation Battle

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