[Parts Information]Brake package specifications are all available! Triones front brake assembly x water-cooled BWS

The new generation of the six-generation Condor that was released this summer caused a whirlwind in the market, and then at the end of October this year, the new BWS was also released. The two models have attracted the attention of many fans, and they are also available in many modification kits. It is a brand-new specification, of course, even the brake system is also a brand-new specification. In addition, the design of the outer tube of the front fork of the sixth-generation fighter and the water-cooled BWS is different, so that the caliper seat locking point is also a completely different position, and this time, the domestic brake brand “Triones Chuan ORIX has also developed a series of brake products specifically for the new water-cooled BWS. Today is to introduce to you the brake package developed for the new water-cooled BWS. Let’s take a look at the various equipment of “Triones”. !

New specifications, the same performance

The scoring rotor floating disk is 245mm, and the scoring rotor floating disk is 260mm. The outer disk is made of 420 stainless steel. The perforated design enhances the heat dissipation effect and maintains good braking performance. 245mm and 260mm have a difference in braking force due to the difference in contact area. In addition, although the current 245mm specification is more popular, 260mm is relatively more visually tense.

The marking design allows the brake dust to have a better discharge effect and maintain good brake action.

Chuan Orix caliper grades range from the most basic “F40 precision forged opposed four-piston calipers” to high-end radiation models “3D CNC full-cut radiation four-piston calipers”. There are quite a variety of styles and color options, which can be selected according to the preferences and needs of riders. Refit.

Water-cooled BWS dedicated, precise, delicate, complete specifications

For this new water-cooled BWS, various types of caliper holders dedicated to the original front fork have been developed. Among them, the most common CNC caliper holder has corresponding products from 245mm to 245mm, 260mm to 260mm, and radiant hole distance of 100mm. Different data specifications are configured. Lux has a corresponding caliper seat. The body is made of T6 high-strength aluminum alloy. The precise and exquisite caliper seat makes a simple accessory more textured.

The high-pressure metal oil pipe of the white iron movable joint is modified to make the brake force transmission more non-destructive and direct transmission of the caliper. It can also further make the feedback of the brake feel more linear and full. The white iron material joint is not easy to rust, except for a variety of colors. The length can be customized and customized.

F40 precision forged opposed four-piston calipers, scribed rotor floating disc 245mm, CNC 245mm caliper seat, white iron movable joint high-pressure metal tubing.

F40 precision forged opposed four-piston calipers, scoring rotor floating disc 260mm, CNC aligning four 260mm caliper seats, white iron movable joint high-pressure metal tubing.

3D CNC full cutting radiation pair four calipers, scribed rotor floating disk 245mm, CNC radiation hole spacing 100mm caliper seat, white iron movable joint high-pressure metal tubing.

3D CNC full cutting radiation pair four calipers, scoring rotor floating disc 260mm, CNC radiation hole spacing 100mm caliper seat, white iron movable joint high-pressure metal tubing.

It’s important to choose the shape you like for matching, but different specifications and combinations will have completely different brake feel. It is more important to match the configuration that suits your needs. After all, the brake system is related to the problem of riding safety. There must not be any fluke in this regard, and products must be carefully selected in order to have a safe riding environment!

Interview cooperation:Chuan Olix, Breeze Car Industry Yamaha

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