"Participation song'Bottle', bridge completed in 3 minutes" BTS Jimin, genius musician quality
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“Participation song’Bottle’, bridge completed in 3 minutes” BTS Jimin, genius musician quality

[스타뉴스 문완식 기자] BTS JIMIN / Photo = BTS comeback V Live

BTS Jimin drew attention by revealing that he completed the bridge for the new album participation song’Disease’ in just 3 minutes.

On the 20th, BTS held a V-Live to celebrate this with the simultaneous release of their new album’BE (Deluxe Edition)’ around the world.

Jimin wore a lovely style pajama like the’Life Goes On’ music video released on the official YouTube channel at 2:00 PM, and performed a live with a poignant greeting “Hello everyone, I am Jimin.” .

During the 60-minute live, Jimin energized the atmosphere with a cheerful and caring appearance.

BTS JIMIN / Photo = BTS comeback V Live

In particular, he said that he would be watching with Suga, a member who couldn’t participate in shoulder surgery, just before the live, reassuring fans and members who might be worried, and as always, he impressed the fans with the affectionate and warm love of the members.

Jimin surprised those who revealed that he had completed the bridge part of the participating song’Disease’ in 3-4 minutes in the introduction of the song included in the album.

“I was so happy to meet you like this,” said Jimin, who couldn’t hide his overwhelming emotions, saying, “I prepared this album for a very long time. Since our lives will continue in the future, it means let’s hold hands and smash it. If this album is only a little consolation to you, I’m very happy. “I think I will do it,” he said.

BTS JIMIN / Photo = BTS’Life Goes On’ Official MV

Fans said, “In 3-4 minutes? Genius Aniliga”, “The bottle bridge is so good, but Jimin’s brother made it”, “I want to hear a lot of Jimin’s new self-composed songs.” Expressed expectations for it.

Meanwhile, it is known that the pajamas worn by Jimin occupied the top-selling women’s 1st and 2nd men’s on the sales website, leading to a runaway order.

BTS JIMIN / Photo = Reporter Kim Chang-hyun

As such, Jimin is not only participating in music PM and A&R roles, but also participating in song work, proving his ability, and expecting to see what he will show in the future.

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