Parole denied A Hells among the first vaccinated

Parole denied A Hells among the first vaccinated

Even though he still fears contracting COVID-19 in prison, the dean of the Hells Angels in Quebec was once again denied his parole, he who was among the first to receive a dose of the vaccine.

“If the past guarantees the future, you have a history of recurrence. You must therefore be extremely careful in your situation, ”indicates the Parole Board of Canada (PBC), refusing to let Michel Langlois return home.

The 74-year-old has been serving a 58-month sentence since October 2018 for drug trafficking, conspiracy to traffic and charge a person with committing an offense for the benefit of a criminal organization.

The septuagenarian is one of the founding members in 1977 of the first chapter of the Hells in Canada, that of Montreal. He did not convince the commissioners of the PBC, who believe that he still presents an “unacceptable” risk for society.

Langlois, nicknamed “Sky”, invoked in particular the risks of contracting COVID-19 in the penitentiary to obtain his parole.

Vaccinated in early January

However, we learn in the decision that he was among the first in Canada to receive a dose of the vaccine, “from the beginning of January 2021”.

“The Commission is of the opinion that the speed with which you received this vaccine and the low rate of cases in your establishment testify to the determination of the Correctional Service of Canada to adequately manage the sanitary measures”, one writes.

However, it was above all the lack of remorse on the part of the biker, recognized as a very active and long-standing trafficker, which seemed to worry the commissioners.

“You have been unable to point out where the line is between acceptable criminality and one that is not. The answer is quite simple, however, any criminal activity is unacceptable, ”it is argued.

He also claimed that the Hells Angels were simply a “bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts” and that he was not about to disassociate himself from them, although he said his criminal career is “over”.

– With Eric Thibault, Bureau of investigation


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