Parody Lending Money

You will wait and follow the new Parody product of Do Duy Nam called “Lending Money Lose You”. Exciting, humorous but very real and with a clear message, you will wait and watch the short film below.

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Right from the beginning when the trailer was put up with the title Do Duy Nam’s Lending Money, many viewers were curious. Please look forward to and follow the latest Parody product to welcome the new year of Duy Nam.

Loan money parody ban

Parody Lending Money

Parody – Parody

Parody / Do Duy Nam

Along with the funny and attractive Parody products of Duy Nam, you can follow more products such as Dream of changing wives, School football team and many other interesting short films. All are updated on ElectrodealPro, invite you to follow and choose for yourself to have the most comfortable entertainment time.


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