Parisian Flower Power | VOGUE Blog

Parisian Flower Power | VOGUE Blog

When the luxury of The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo and Pierre Hermé met and a wonderful afternoon tea was born, spring came in the lobby and many beautiful flowers began to bloom.

This is an image of the various tastes created by Pierre Hermé by world-famous flower artist Toshin, and it is said that he hoped that the spring flowers full of vitality would give powerful power to those who visited.

The three Paris I loved most when I lived in France.

The first is the Pallas Hotel, which has the title of the finest hotel in France like Ritz.

And the constant temptation of pastry chefs like Pierre Hermé who pushed pastries to new heights.

The third is the rough rule that beautifully decorates the city. Flowers bloom everywhere in Paris and beautifully decorate the city of flowers.

It is a nice privilege of this afternoon tea that Mr. Higashi’s staff will make an original bouquet according to each guest’s taste as if you can experience the life of Paris full of flowers.

When three great names such as The Ritz-Carlton for luxury hospitality and Pierre Hermé for infinite taste and Makoto Azuma for floral design come together to make an afternoon tea of ​​course luxurious & sumptuous things are going to bloom in the garden.

Three of my greatest pleasures living in Paris were the Palace hotels like The Ritz with their epic grandeur and history. The constant temptations of Pâtissiers like Pierre Herme who has pushed the boundaries’of confection to new heights.

Lastly la fleur. Flowers can be found all over Paris, sold on every street corner, adorning every jardin and painting the city of lights in passion. To let you experience Paris’flowers added into the experience is the celebrated flower designer Makoto Azuma. With his team you have the pleasure of creating your own bouquet of flowers and bringing them home with you.

Jimmy Cohrssen

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