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‘Paranoia’ contains inner darkness… Kang Daniel “I didn’t want to hide” (Comprehensive)


“The whole time I was working on this song, I was so adrenaline. It felt like I had regained my original intentions” (Daniel Kang)

On the afternoon of the 16th, an online press conference was held to commemorate the release of singer Kang Daniel’s digital single’PARANOIA’.

On this day, Daniel Kang said about’Paranoia’ as “the key point of the song to be solved in the future,” and after this song, “The story he wants to say, the message he wants to convey, and the most Kang Daniel’s are going to be released. I want to say, “he said.

The new song’paranoia’ literally means paranoia or paranoia. In the meantime, if I only focused on the glamorous stage, I have now shifted my focus to the inside. The lyrics were written by Kang Daniel. In fact, he expressed the pain, conflict, and anguish he had suffered without hesitation. Kang Daniel’s symbolic keywords are hidden throughout the music.

Kang Daniel said, “The word paranoia itself is heavy. It’s a story about me, and I have to perform with this song. I thought a lot about how to solve it so that many people could be stimulated or comforted.” There is a sense of distance, but there are differences in degree, so I wonder if anyone has experienced it at least once.”

It is expected to show a 180 degree different sensibility from the refreshing feeling of the mini album’CYAN’ and the energetic feeling of’MAGENTA’.

Kang Daniel said, “The blessed thing about my job is that I can express my thoughts and feelings through music. The reason I focus on the inner darkness most of the time I want to hide it. So I have a lot of time before I come up with this story, too. “It passed,” he said, “I wanted to openly share with people who live in 2021 a sincere story, and the worries that are in it.”

He said, “There was a time when everything seemed overwhelming and big. I was proud of my fans as’I’m a steel mentality, but I gradually weakened,” he said, “I didn’t want to contain a story that wasn’t true.”

Kang Daniel said, “I pointed out what I felt while releasing various albums. Looking back, there was something piled up. It felt like my vision was widening. I pulled out the painful and painful part. It seemed that I had overcome this dark story while working on the lyrics. “I confessed.

‘Paranoia’ depicts a tired and exhausted figure in a delusion that cannot escape with an attractive combination of heavy drums, eerie synths, 808 bass, and electric guitar.

The composition and arrangement lineup is also impressive. Inverness and Anthony Russo of State of Wonder, who also made meaningful results in the US market in January, joined together for Kang Daniel this time. They are the three who presented a new trend by sharing musical sympathy in the previous album’Magenta’.

Anthony Russo was responsible for the composition and Inverness for the arrangement. The melody combined with the message is addictive. Synth bells, 808 bass, and electric guitar are complete with heavy sound.

The performance is also worth paying attention to. Each body line of the movement contains details. The choreography which is bizarre and cannot take your eyes off is unfolding constantly. The division of the interior will unfold like a panorama and will present a group dance of a different dimension.

Kang Daniel hoped, “I was inspired by the movies’Venom’ and’Constantin’.’Venom’ has a feeling of fighting with its own self. I melted it into the choreography. It would be nice to watch it with the choreography.”

The music video boasts the suction power of the cinema look, the overwhelming feeling, and the scale of the blockbuster movie. As the symbolism of music and storytelling are connected, it is expected that more than just a music video will be impressed. Through hidden code and story, each person can interpret various kinds of interpretations.

Kang Daniel recently announced the news that he was suggested to appear in the drama’You and My Police Class’ and is under positive review. He said, “The fans said they wanted to see me acting. Actually, when I was a child, my dream was to be a film director, and I thought that part was the field of an expert. Of course, I steadily prepared with an open mind. During my thoughts, a good proposal came in and I reviewed it positively. I’m doing it,” he said.

Kang Daniel said, “I am greedy, but not greedy” about the achievements of this album. “It feels like showing everything I want to do. I want to remember this year as the best year as an artist. I want to run without regrets. I can start that sooner than I thought. It’s nice to be there,” he smiled.

Also, “I want to remain honest and unaffected in the future. I don’t want to hide myself. I don’t want to decorate myself with fakes. Even if I’m lacking, even if I’m disappointed, it’s my image,” he said. I want to,” he added.

‘Paranoia’ will be released at 6 pm on the 16th.

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