Pandemic to 15/2: Hai Duong stretches the society of the whole province from February 16; WHO says media distort information

– Hai Duong is worried about the risk of cross-contamination in the quarantine area since the onset of outbreaks has now had 80 F1 isolated patients.
– Starting tomorrow, Hai Duong will distance society in the whole province for 15 days instead of according to the area as before. Now, if anyone does not comply with the rules during quarantine, they will be moved to another area and start the quarantine date again.
– Field 2 hospital in Hai Duong has been rapidly upgraded from 300 to 600 beds to serve patients’ treatment if necessary, currently this hospital is treating 119 cases of covid. Bach Mai Hospital also sent more experts to assist this province to tighten the fight against the epidemic in isolated areas.
– Two restaurants in Hai Duong were fined 30 million VND for violating anti-epidemic regulations while allowing customers to eat at the restaurant.
– Today, Hung Yen has temporarily closed Pho Hien National Relic Area and all the cultural sites and relics in the whole province to fight the epidemic. The reason is that at the beginning of the year there were too many tourists hanging out at these spots.
– There are 4 more provinces that request to not let students go back to school on February 17, but only Binh Phuoc, Binh Thuan, Binh Duong and Thanh Hoa will be given away until February 21. Hanoi this afternoon also officially announced that students will not go to school until the end of February, and will switch to online learning.
-The Ministry of Health confirmed the epidemic in the city. HCM has basically been controlled.

World situation

– For the first time in many months, the number of new cases per day in the US has dropped below 100 thousand cases. However, the head of the CDC said that people may not need to wear masks by the end of the year depends a lot on their own consciousness. The country has also distributed nearly 53 million doses and administered to more than 70 million people nationwide.
– The UK today also reached a new milestone in vaccination when more than 15 million people have been vaccinated, equivalent to 22.5% of the population and 28.6% of adults in the region. The country will also impose a 10-day quarantine for returnees from 33 countries.

This year’s skiing season in Italy has been postponed after ski resorts have been banned for amateur skiers from playing the sport until March 5.
– Portugal extended its emergency for another 2 weeks, until March 1 and then counting. The number of new cases and deaths has decreased since the epidemic peak at the end of last year, when most of the intensive care beds in the country had patients.
– About 1 thousand people violated anti-epidemic regulations and gathered at a nightclub in Belgrade, Serbia. The 3 party organizers are expected to be heavily fined and possibly jailed for up to 3 years.
– The Czech interior minister agreed to apply a new emergency after the government failed to reach the required number of votes at the first session.
– According to an Israeli study of about half a million people who received 2 injections, the Pfizer vaccine was 94% effective against covid-19.
– Australia halted the safe passageway without quarantine from New Zealand after the New Zealand city of Auckland recorded a blockade after it recorded 3 cases in the community yesterday.
– New Zealand announced that the virus strains of the three new cases in the community mentioned above are from the UK. They are currently looking for a source of infection to put this outbreak out.
Lebanon started vaccinating high-risk groups and health workers when 28,500 doses of the Pfizer vaccine arrived in the country on Saturday.
– Iraq intends to extend the curfew from February 18 to March 8 to slow down the spread of the virus. Muslims are also not allowed to go to the church to pray since February 18.
– The UAE will extend its preventive measures for at least 20 more days to ensure the virus is under control while the immunization campaign is still in progress.

The safe passage between New Zealand and Australia had to be halted again after a new case in Auckland

– The Thai government defends its view of not participating in WHO’s Covax program. As a middle-income country, Thailand will not be able to buy low-cost vaccines when joining the Covax program and they find it faster to work directly with manufacturing companies, a government spokesman said. Just wait and don’t know when the vaccine will arrive.
Japan has finally approved the injection of Pfizer’s vaccine this week. This will be the first step for the country to prepare for the upcoming Summer Olympics.
Korea has also removed the group of people over 65 years old from the AstraZeneca vaccination list, and they will use other types of vaccines for this group.
– Brazil has reported cases of the British variant in two states and one federal district of Brasilia, sparking fears of widespread spread and a combination of strains from the UK and existing strains in Brazil.
– Rwanda was the first West African country to vaccinate health workers and high-risk groups. They just ordered a thousand doses of Moderna vaccine and the next step is 128,000 and then 96,000 doses are expected by the end of this month.
– Today 200,000 doses of vaccine aid from China for Zimbabwe landed at Harare airport in this country. These are free doses, and after that 600,000 doses will be sold at low prices


The WHO believes that the media are falsifying the information they want to convey

– Members of the WHO investigative team tweeted that their statements were distorted and made others feel like they did not get anything from their China investigation. According to them, they actually had access to raw data, not access. However, many people still do not believe this explanation. All will wait for the complete report to be released over the next few weeks.

– The investigation team also thinks that according to the evidence they have, the virus may have spread widely in Wuhan in December 2019, not just at that time. Accordingly, by the end of 2019, there were 13 strains of SARS-CoV-2 virus in this city.

Source CNN, WHO, suckhoedoisong, SCMP, JHU, Youth, Pioneers

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