Pandemic to 14/2: The number of new cases in the world decreased by more than 44% in the past month

– The epidemic in Cam Giang, Hai Duong is having many worrying points, the Ministry of Health suggests that those who come back from this area from January 15 must make a medical report, take test samples, should be tested. family’s person. The province also suggested that businesses temporarily stop workers from working in other provinces after Tet to prevent the risk of infection, and will conduct extensive testing in all Cam Giang industrial zones.
– 75 preschool children in Kinh Mon, Hai Duong, had the third negative test for the virus and were returned to isolate themselves at home. The quarantine point at this preschool has also been removed.
– Hanoi decided not to organize all early spring festivals, absolutely did not welcome guests from other localities for the reason of attending the ceremony. All Hanoians who go back to their hometowns for Tet, when they return to the city, are required to make medical reports.
– This morning, all students, parents and teachers at Xuan Phuong primary school, Hanoi, had the 3rd negative test. These people will be sent home to continue in isolation.
– Hai Phong last night arrested 34 young people who deliberately cleared disease control posts to run from Hai Duong to Hai Phong.
– Gia Lai loosened measures to prevent epidemics in two districts Ia Pa and Ayun Pa, where cases were detected earlier in recent days that have been zoned.
– Dak Lak blockade the emergency department of Central Highlands General Hospital after last night there was a suspected covid-19 case who was sent to the emergency room here due to a traffic accident.

World situation

AstraZeneca said it will test its vaccine against the ages of 6 to 17 to see how effective it is against the virus. There are currently 300 registered volunteers to conduct this test.
– British officials are concerned about the fact that up to two-thirds of the staff working in nursing homes are not vaccinated. This increases the risk of viral infection for the elderly living here. However, the government still disagrees with the proposal of mandatory vaccination for this group of people but will try to convince them.

The UK is speeding up vaccinations when yesterday more than 500,000 people were vaccinated

– Germany recorded a steady decrease in the number of cases in all regions of the country. Yesterday’s number was about 8,300, lower than the number of 2,100 cases a week earlier.
– On next Monday, Greece will open the first very large immunization center in Athens in a series of four super vaccination centers as called by the government of this country. Greece has vaccinated more than 500 thousand people and hopes after opening the four points mentioned above they will be able to inject 20,000 people per day.
– Of the total number of virus cases in the Western Czech region up to about 60% are people infected with new strains of virus originating from England. There are currently only eight special care beds for covid-19 patients.
– Portugal lasted flight orders to and from England and Brazil until March, allowing only humanitarian flights or bringing people home. This 10 million people country now has nearly 8% of its population infected with covid-19 and is still growing.
– Polish Ministry of Agriculture said the virus was detected on a mink farm in this country capable of transmitting directly from weasels to humans and vice versa. The country had previously destroyed 5,800 weasels in the northern region, but has no plans to destroy all weasels as Denmark does.
– Cyprus police had to use tornadoes and tear gas to disperse hundreds of people protesting against the blockade and opposing the corrupt government.

– It is expected that next week the first batch of Pfizer vaccine will arrive in Australia after the country has approved the use of this drug in the vaccination campaign. According to the report the initial figure will be 80 thousand doses.
Yesterday New Zealand recorded 4 new cases, including 3 cases in the community. The source of the cases in the community is still unknown. The country has several times declared the elimination of covid-19 after there were no more positive cases, however there were still occasional new cases of unknown source of transmission.
Yesterday, a plane carrying 28,500 doses of the Pfizer vaccine flew from Belgium to Lebanon to start the vaccination campaign today. Lebanon’s health minister confirmed that the vaccine will be administered to all residents, including Syrian and Palestinian refugees who are here.
– President of Iran warned the country was preparing to receive the fourth wave of infection after the number of cases in some localities increased again.
-Pakistan has agreed to a lab to import vaccines for commercial purposes, many fearing this will bring injustice between the rich and the poor when the government does not announce the ceiling price of vaccines when sold. go out.
– The Bangladeshi government said it has vaccinated more than 730,000 people since the vaccination campaign began on February 7 until now.
– Peru today has a new health minister after his predecessor had to resign due to the scandal deliberately taking the first doses of vaccine to inject the former president before the official vaccine was announced in stock in the country.
The first batch of Sputnik V vaccine arrived in Venezuela yesterday. The quantity of this batch is 100 thousand doses, will be injected to health workers, people at high risk, then to teachers.

100 thousand doses of Sputnik vaccine have already arrived in Venezuela


According to the researchers, based on the number of blood samples from blood donors in South Africa, there are areas where up to 63% of people have been infected with the virus.
– South Africa will reopen 20 road border crossings to neighboring countries after more than 1 month of closure (from January 11) with the aim of reducing the rate of virus spread.
– The tiny western African country, Equatorial Guinea, has blocked air and water travel to and from the capital Malabo because there is a shortage of test kits to find people infected with the virus. The country has just received 100,000 doses of vaccine from China and started to inject people at high risk.

Source CNN, WHO, suckhoedoisong, SCMP, JHU, Youth, Pioneers

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