Palestinian Palestinians are not welcome in Oslo. 1
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Palestine declared no longer attached to the Oslo agreement

Palestinian Palestinians are not welcome in Oslo. 1Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. (Source: EPA)

Against the backdrop of Israel’s move to annex the occupied West Bank, on May 19, the President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas The Palestinian Authority (PA) will not continue to comply Oslo agreement with Israel, including security coordination, and Israel bears all international responsibilities and obligations.

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Tel Aviv, the statement is said to be a move by the Palestinians to respond to Israel’s plan to claim sovereignty over territories in the West Bank occupied after January 1. / 7.

In 1993, the Israeli government and the Liberation Movement Palestine (PLO) signed an agreement in Oslo, Norway, which marks the beginning of the peace process in the Middle East, with the establishment of the Palestinian Authority and planning a final solution to end the conflict. with Israel.

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In the announcement, President Abbas confirmed that from May 19, the PLO and the Palestinian Authority will no longer comply with all agreements with Washington and Israel, as well as with all commitments based on these agreements. , including coordinated security activities.

Also from 19/5, Israel’s Occupational Territory Administration is responsible for all obligations and obligations to the international community for the occupation of Palestinian territory, with all effects and consequences based on national law. and international humanitarian law, particularly the 4th Geneva Convention of 1949, on the responsibility of protecting civilians under their occupation and property.

President Abbas stated that the US “must be fully responsible for pressuring the Palestinians” and that Palestine considers Washington “the main partner in Israel’s occupation by aggressive and unjust decisions against people”. Palestinian people. “

In December 2017, the Palestinian Authority severed ties with the United States after Washington announced the transfer of the Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Palestine has also denied US mediation in peace talks with Israel, accusing the administration of President Donald Trump of favoring Israel.

Also on May 19, potential Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he opposed Israel’s intention to merge areas in the West Bank.

Biden mentioned the recent statements of Israeli leaders about the use of President Trump’s Middle East peace initiative as a platform to impose unilateral sovereignty of President Trump. Israel.

According to the US presidential candidate, such a move would end the prospects of a two-state solution to the Palestinian problem.

He also said that military aid would not be used for the purposes that the current administration pledged to Israel if it was elected president by the end of this year.

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