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Pakistan Aircraft crash, 97 dead, 2 survivors State authorities

Security personnel (center, taken on May 23, 2020) that stop the passage of local residents near the site where the Pakistani aircraft crashed the day before Karachi, Pakistan. (c) Asif HASSAN / AFP

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[AFP = Current affairs](Updated) Health officials in Sindh Province, southern Pakistan, said the death toll from a crash of Pakistan International Airlines’ A320 passenger aircraft in Karachi 97 people, 2 survivors announced.

After several attempts to land, the accident plane crashed into a residential area and the building was destroyed. Several witnesses testified that a man hanging from the emergency exit door of the plane was screaming as the residents searched for survivors. Search activities continued at night.

According to the Ministry of Health in Sindh, the bodies of all the dead were contained and 19 identities have been confirmed so far.

Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said the captain of the accident aircraft was a well-proven and experienced pilot.

According to Airbus, the leading European aircraft manufacturer that produced the A320, the accident aircraft entered service in 2004, and was acquired by Pakistan Airlines 10 years later. The flight time was approximately 47,100 hours.

In Pakistan, the new coronavirus countermeasures were taken before the blockade was taken, and it was just approved that commercial aircraft could resume operation a few days ago. It was a time when many people moved to return home before the end of Islamic fasting month “Ramadan” and the beginning of the Ramadan festival “Eid al-Fitr”. ..

In Pakistan, there are many aircraft accidents for both military and civilians. In July 2010, the most fatal cause of aircraft crashes in Pakistan so far was Islamabad, where the A321 aircraft from Karachi to Islamabad of the airline “Airblue” failed to land in July 2010. It crashed into a hilly area in the suburbs, killing all 152 passengers and passengers.

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