Pakatan Harahi pledges institutionalized funding for independent China Lin Guanying handed over 5.57 million grants to East Malaysian independent China-united daily

(Kuching, 17th newspaper) Federal Minister of Finance Lin Guanying came to Kuching this afternoon to preside over the transfer ceremony of the East Malaysian Educational Fund for Independent Chinese Secondary Schools. A total of RM 5.576 million was transferred to 23 independent schools in East Malaysia.
He emphasized that about one-third of the total national appropriation for the Sabah and Sarawak Independence Middle East in East Malaysia was about 15 million.
He also emphasized that the style of the new government is to institutionalize grants to Independence China, and promised that in the future, it will continue to allocate funds to Independence China in an institutionalized manner.
He also said that at the time of the above-mentioned fund transfer ceremony held at noon, the government had also transferred the above-mentioned funds to the accounts of 23 independent middle schools through electronic transfer.
“Our new style is that when we talk about it, we will do it, and the money will arrive immediately.”
Lin Guanying pointed out this at a speech at the 2020 National Chinese Independent Middle School (East Malaysia) Education Fund Transfer Ceremony held in Kuching No. 3 Middle School this afternoon.
As for the Huahua Primary School across the country, Zhang Nianqun, the vice minister of education who attended the ceremony to transfer the appropriation for the education of the Independent Chinese Secondary School, also stated that the Huahua Primary School’s funding will be released in February this year.
She said that the government chose to allocate funds to schools at the beginning of the year in order to allow schools more time to plan and use the funds.
On the other hand, Zhang Jianren, deputy minister of the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs, also stated in his speech that the Greek Union’s contribution to the Chinese Independence Central Committee can be seen in less than two years after the puppet government took office. He said that the federal government ’s direct allocation to the independent Chinese government has been implemented for the second consecutive year. He said that the federal government ’s funding for Chinese education is an institutionalized one, and that this year ’s allocation is higher than last year ’s.
The 23 East Malaysian Independent High Schools who attended the collection today received 14 from Sarawak and 9 from Sabah. Each school received grants ranging from RM 241,000 to RM 243,000.

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