Pagani Zonda: From death to resurrection

Pagani Zonda: From death to resurrection

Imagine that the luxury car Pagani Zonda has become a part of global luxury history, but no, Pagani revealed plans for a first – only Pagani Zonda Roadster on the way.

Unique Pagani Zonda – exclusively for customers from Russia

Pagani Zonda supercar line was officially killed by the manufacturer in 2013. This is regrettable for many people who love this car. However, it seems Pagani still “lingering” with the Zonda line when revealing a “crazy” plan: to produce a unique Zonda model for a particular customer. Not much official information has been revealed by Pagani about this new car, however, this will be a unique Zonda model exclusively for a special customer of the famous car maker – TopCar Design.

The development of the new Zonda has been going on since 2017. The foundation of the car is the Pagani Zonda S Roadster. The exterior design of the car will be inspired by a giant shark. Optimization of performance is shown on every smallest line on the body. Expected, the exterior of the car will be similar to the Pagani Tricolore model. But, in addition to the eye-catching blue color, the new car also has a “gold thread” line running across the body and a beautiful shark-shaped logo on the front.

The tail of the Zonda will also be designed to resemble the S Roadster. The big highlight in the rear is the two rear lights along with the exhaust cluster made of carbon fiber bearing material. The large spoiler at the rear of the car will also increase the dynamism of this supercar.

It is not known exactly whether Pagani will change the engine system or not. But the original Roadster used an AMG V12 engine. This model has a maximum capacity of about 547 horsepower and about 730Nm. This is also a relatively large power and satisfies the operating experience of speed enthusiasts.

Pagani Zonda – used car market is also active

It is no coincidence that many customers expect a “revival” of Zonda cars. In addition to having more information about new cars, often old Zonda cars also suddenly get up with a Zonda 760 model sold by a car consignment center in Germany. This is the third Zonda model of the 760 series and started production around the end of November 2013.

The special feature of this car is the fact that it is a production car produced by the famous Formula driver: Lewis Hamlilton. Therefore, the Zonda above also has an abbreviated name LH. Expected, the price of this car will not be less than 1.5 million pounds.

Despite being killed, for the past six years, the Pagani Zonda series has never been forgotten by the world of luxury car enthusiasts. The Zonda is not only for use, but also a trendy collection whose value is constantly increasing over time.

Minh Anh

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