Pagani supercar company: From "dream" to "reality"

Pagani supercar company: From “dream” to “reality”

Pagani supercar company was founded by Horacio Pagani of Argentina, thanks to tireless efforts, he has turned his dream of car manufacturing into reality.

Pagani supercar company: From “dream” to “reality”

From an early age, Horacio Pagani had a hobby of designing cars. With creativity, Pagani has made many models of GT cars from balsa wood. Through years of learning and improving experience, by 1988 Pagani founded Pagani Composite Research Company specializing in research on synthetic materials. This company of Pagani has collaborated with Lamborghini to design and produce many famous models such as Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary, or Lamborghini LM002 Concept P140 version and Diablo version, …

After years of research, investment and tireless work, Horacio Pagani has turned his dream of car manufacturing into reality. His first completed car named Pagani Zonda C12 and was introduced to consumers in 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show.

After that, super car company Pagani thrived and entered the US market. So far, Pagani has succeeded in providing to the market many supercars with almost absolute perfection. Each Pagani supercar is known as a masterpiece and it was Horacio Pagani that made that masterpiece.

Pagani supercar: Unique – Rare – Expensive Red

The characteristics of Pagani super cars are: Elongated design; Leaf-shaped rearview mirror gives a special and different feeling; When opened, the door was shaped like a gullwing bird as if spreading its wings in the sky; The set of 4 exhaust pipes arranged in a square with the grille are lined up bars for a powerful beauty.

The Pagani engine is always centered and comes with it as a rear-wheel drive system. This is the optimal design that supercars always use. Experts say this characteristic structure will be nearly irreplaceable for supercars in the near future. The most impressive feature of Pagani is the roar of the car engine. The exhaust sound is very powerful and powerful, completely different from other cars.

In addition, the interior of the Pagani car is always very comfortable and luxurious, meeting the maximum needs of users. Modern and classy safety equipment, enough to please even the most demanding of people.

Pagani supercars are manufactured in very limited quantities. Therefore, to own a Pagani is not easy even if you have money.

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